I’m excited to see what–Oh my God! Pink much! Holy Crap! Today I’m at Kinshicho station in Tokyo. Robots to help you carry things up the stairs. The reason I’m here is because one of my viewers requested to see a love hotel. So I decided to come on my own and instead of staying the whole night I’m doing a short stay. Why are there croissants in the middle of the station? So I’m about 2 minutes away from the station and I looked on Google Maps and apparently this street here, it’s more lit up at night, it has a lot of cool interesting love hotels. High quality touch club. Lol. This whole building is made of metal! My precious time with you. This one looks like the best one. It has so many interesting rooms so I’m probably gonna choose this one. Random rooms like there’s a train, classroom and weird exotic things. This hotel seemed to be the most interesting and it was 4800 yen for a 3 hour stay. Like an alien ship! So you order using this computer and pay at the front. And as you can see you can’t see their face and they can’t see you. So apparently the one I wanted is not available. Everything in red is already being used, green is being cleaned. I decided to go for a room that was being cleaned. It was about a 10min. wait in the lobby so I had time to grab some free amenities, drinks and free snacks. Making my way to the room, there is one elevator for going up and there’s another one for coming back down so you never have to see people coming and going. I’m excited to see what–Oh my God! Pink much! Holy Crap! This room was decorated like a princess or a Kyari Pamyu Pamyu kind of design, had a hello kitty theme to it, little pigs here and there, cupcakes and kawaii things and balloon glass art as well. It was a very diverse but interesting set up. Wow, this huge tv to watch porn or regular movies. And to order food and cosplay, wow. Also complimentary coffee, tea, water and Wifi. this is I think you can buy stuff. You can buy drinks or vibrators. Remotes for heating, air conditioning and tv which lets you order a variety of goods and services. All these amenities for people for their stay all complimentary as well. Including toothbrushes, creams, lotions, hair dryers and everything you possibly need in a bathroom. Shower area. Bath area OMG. It’s a modern toilet. And it has hello kitty wallpaper.cute. this is the most kawaii love hotel I’ve ever seen. this box has lotions and products like strawberry flavored condoms there’s tons of chargers here so any kind of phone you have you can charge. this is light and music sequence thing. let’s try the different scenes. Scene 1 Scene 2 is like dark. Sleep mode I guess. Just this back area is bright. 4 is everything is pink. Up there it’s bright, over there the chandelier is pink, the walls have the lights… and let’s try the last scene. I like this one the best. It’s kind of dark but glowy. It’s not bad, it’s actually cool. I don’t like this music so I’m going to try to find something different on the left. I’m going to try to order some cosplay. There is every cosplay imaginable for men and women. I thought it was free but it was 500 yen. But it’s not bad. How about cheerleader? Let’s do that so let’s select that. Order. And it will be delivered to my room. Also since I’m here I might as well take advantage of the awesome bath they have. and there’s a whole bunch of rental stuff. this looks cool some kind of eye mask thing. I’ll add that. Whoa! I’m gonna order this! Bright duckies. And I found this. WTF is this guys? some kind of boot massager thing. Might as well get that too cos that’s hilarious! It’s all free. (Muryou) So let’s order that shit! So I got a phone call saying that for privacy’s sake, they’re gonna ring the bell, they’ll leave the goods, then ring the bell again and run away And that’s when I can go get the goods. That way they don’t have to face me and I don’t have to face them. And since I’m a guy by myself, there’s the ring by the way, they’re leaving the stuff as we speak there’s the 2nd ring. So I’m gonna pick it up right now. Wow they just left it here. So here’s the deal. I did try on this cosplay but I’m not gonna upload it in this video. 500 likes and I’ll put it on Instagram. I set up these massage boots. don’t know how this works exactly but it’s already moving, I turned it on. Put your foot through here, my feet are a little too big, I think these are made for women. And there’s different courses, oh it’s tightening. tightening on my leg. It’s tightening across my toes and my heels and around my calf area. It’s air. Almost like those things that take your blood pressure, it’s like that. Then this mask thing, I just turned the power on. the part around your eyes is warm. I guess it’s like a heating thing for your eyes. Love hotels are great even if you’re alone. This is awesome! I got my massage boots and my heated eye pad which is nice and toasty. this room is awesome guys. Started the water I got all these rubber duckies that are waterproof to go into the bath. I’m just gonna start tossing them in there. Cool. I’m gonna be such a luxurious guy yo! This is with full power jets. Crazy, OMG. It has chocolate ice cream inside. Ok, so now I’m done. I’m gonna leave soon so I emptied the water, took a bath, shower, turned off the tv, put all my stuff away and that’s about it. And then we say goodbye. Goodbye room, I’ll miss you! You head back to the elevator, hand them the stuff you rented, And I’m free… so there you go. That was a good time. I think this is the best love hotel I’ve ever been to. Definitely if you are in the kinshicho area you should check out Sara Hotel.