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I really do appreciate you being here today in today’s video but I’m gonna be
addressing one of the main questions I get I’ve been running a a luxury hotel
YouTube channel for a long time here in Dubai been debate been based here for a
long time and people ask me where I would spend my own money what is the
best hotel and what would I invest in if I was coming here for the first time so
then I can help you on your trip to divine so what we’re going to do today
is we’re gonna have a look on Palm Jumeirah and we’re going to look at some
of the new hotels that have arrived here and tell you where you should spend your
hard-earned money so one of the first decisions you have to make when deciding
that you’re gonna stay on the farm to Mira is which view would you like this
view is on the east presentation towards the Burj Al Arab the world’s only seven
star hotel and what a beautiful hotel it is Palm Jumeirah
has around 35 hotels there are different hotels that you can choose from so
there’s so many choices for you and some videos like this on YouTube can really
help you make that decision one of the videos that I’ve recently done is of the
Waldorf Astoria Hotel now here in the middle of summer this hotel averages
around $300 a night and it’s probably one of the most
on the pub and there are some really good deals to be had staying here so do
be sure to click on my link on my video where I have a site that will come up
and have a look around the hotel it’s a really beautiful place to stay and it’s
a really good value during the hottest summer months good if not check it’s all
around the palm with me and I’ll show you some of the other hotels so
depending on when you’re watching this video there are other new buildings
coming up in on Palm Jumeirah so as you may know the Sofitel is here and antara
is here atlantis is here but atlantis is
building on its success with this new 1.2 million dollar 46 story hotel and a
stupid completion in 2019 this year now this is going to be bringing 450 new
hotel rooms to Palm Jumeirah and as you can see massive massive
undertake so when you’re watchin this do look at look out for the royal Atlantis
that is the name of this new development and it will be sat just the other side
of the Aquaventure waterpark so it will give you the same access to the water
park as Ethel ancestors and all of those same treatments so the Palm Jumeirah is
getting bigger it’s getting more and more exciting and new developments are
coming online so do keep an eye on this hotel has it right things so there are a
few things you should bear in mind if you’re going to stay on Palm Jumeirah
number one is it is very peaceful and tranquil it’s a very quiet place but
it’s the kind of place where you will come with your wife and your family and
you will stay pretty much on the park but it with that peace and quiet and
tranquility comes some beautiful views this is the view of dubai marina behind
me and and over to my left hand side as jbr and blue waters is beyond some of
the best views in Dubai are here and yet not many people know about it but some
of these views are being broken up with the construction of the new marina
harbour that is jutting out into the ocean right next to Palm Jumeirah so
there will be construction noise so just bear that in mind for your visit the
other thing to bear in mind is actually the location of Palm Jumeirah to get to
downtown to buy from here it will take you at least 20 to 25 minutes to get off
the palm right so some closing thoughts about
palm jumeirah it’s such a wonderful community and a great place to come
there’s we’re currently in a place called the Golden Mile so in the center
of Palm Jumeirah is a mall with lots of eating establishments and shopping and
so on places they can come and have an evening meal if you don’t want to face
resort prices I’ll show you what I’m at where this place is so you can see it so
if you’re coming with a family – to buy the first thing to look at is Atlantis
truly Atlantis Aquaventure and all of the amazing restaurants are within the
Atlantis group it’s a great place to stay but it is very expensive so my
advice would be come to Atlantis stay there for 3 days maximum then go on to a
second cheaper hotel then you get the best of both worlds if you’re not coming
with a family and you couple then we look at something a
little bit of markets there are quite a few choices on the par 5 is a great
choice wall of Astoria is a great choice and antara is a great choice I’ve made
videos on each of those and they’re in the playlist I’m showing you now there
are other places such as the one and only resort it’s a little bit expensive
but it is a great place there is the Emerald Kempinski if that focuses on a
particular mission clientele it’s often very busy and it’s also very expensive
and there’s also the Sofitel so these are other good choices I think I think
my recommendation for all of those hotels my personal favorite is probably
the Wolof I like the wall is good value for money has all the things that I
wanted to quite quiet and peaceful but again this is all down to personal
choice if you’re in your party person you may want to head to the table new
way around for the pool have a few drinks of
France it all depends on what you want out of a hotel but there are plenty of
options and a video 2 of them so do be sure to check out the playlist do be
sure to comment below on your favorite hotel is and do also look out for the
new hotel hotel for the coming online in 2019 on palm jumeirah such as were
Atlantis well thanks for watching hope catcher in
the next video I’ll see you soon