If you’re coming to Tel Aviv and looking for
a hotel or hostel, then this video is for you. Now choosing a hotel in Tel Aviv is a little
bit tricky. In Jerusalem it is very, very simple: all
of the hotels and hostels, from the five-star hotels to the hostels, are in the city center,
five minutes’ walk from one another. In Tel Aviv you need to think more about the
location and what is the purpose of your visit: if you’re coming for a vacation, if you’re
coming for business, or if you want a smaller boutique hotel in the inner neighborhoods. If you want to spend your whole day on the
beach then take one of the hotels on the promenade, HaYarkon Street or Herbert Samuel. There are many and most of them are really
good. I like to recommend the Hilton, which has
a nice park next to it, the Sheraton, and the Dan Hotel, which is in the middle of the
promenade. From all three hotels the distance between
your room and the shore is not more than a hundred meters. If you are coming for business purposes, or
business and pleasure, then there are two hotels that I can recommend. The Crowne Plaza is located at the top of
the Azrieli Center, right next to HaShalom train station. This five-star business hotel offers a great
location for businesspeople, particularly for those who have meetings all over Israel,
in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Beersheba and Haifa, but want to stay in one hotel. It is really close to Ayalon Highway, the
main highway in Tel Aviv. It is close to HaShalom train station and
to the renovated Sarona, the German colony, and there are free shuttles to the beach. Hotel Indigo is located on the other side
of Ayalon Highway, in Ramat Gan, and it is a combination of a business hotel with a boutique
spa hotel. In the heart of the Diamond Exchange District,
the Bursa, the business area of Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, and as far as I know this is the
only five-star boutique hotel in Israel. Because it is so good, many Israelis come
to stay on the weekend, and they also offer a free shuttle to the beach and Sarona. For decades almost all of the hotels in Tel
Aviv were on the promenade, next to the beach, but in the last twenty years some new boutique
hotels have opened up in the inner neighborhoods in renovated Bauhaus or eclectic style buildings. In the inner neighborhoods you get a better
feeling of Tel Aviv and many of them are not more than ten minutes’ walk from the beach. So if you want to experience Tel Aviv as those
who live in it see it, a boutique hotel might be the right place for you. These hotels are smaller so we won’t find
a twenty-meter-long swimming pool or indoor kids’ activities but you will enjoy a more
personal service and stylish decorated rooms. It is hard to pick the best ones because each
boutique hotel has a unique style. But the best boutique hotel in Tel Aviv, which
is probably the best hotel in Israel, with the highest standards, is the Norman Hotel,
two beautiful renovated buildings that are located on Nahmani Street, right next to Rothschild
Boulevard. The Market is a new boutique hotel in the
flea market in Jaffa. It is a huge success, and for a good reason. As I said in other videos, something good
is going on in the markets of Israel, and this hotel takes advantage and is a part of
it. This hotel is really colorful and full of
life. On the other side of the city, in the northern
part of the city, there is the Yam boutique hotel, which is closer to the Tel Aviv port
and the beach. In the center of Tel Aviv there are three
boutique hotels that I like to recommend. In all three the service is just outstanding. The Diaghilev Live Art boutique hotel is named
after Sergei Diaghilev, who was a Russian art critic, and the hotel is basically like
an art gallery. The building is a renovated Bauhaus building
so if you like arts and want a hotel in the center of the city, this is the place for
you. The Rothschild Hotel is a very small (only
25 rooms) luxury boutique hotel right in the center, on Rothschild Boulevard. The hotel has very high standards and they
pay attention to all the small details. Lily and Bloom is another great boutique hotel,
right next to the Rothschild. Unlike other boutique hotels, that tend to
have a very small lobby and restaurant, here you have much more space. The prices of the boutique hotels start at
around $150 and go to $300. Now if the prices are too high for you and
it is totally understandable (the prices in Tel Aviv are like the prices of New York or
London) then a hostel might be a good option for you. In recent years some very good hostels have
opened up in Tel Aviv and all of them offer clean rooms, kitchens, free wi-fi and, most
importantly, a great atmosphere. All hostels also offer private rooms so there
is actually not much difference between a three-star hotel and a hostel, except the
price, which is about a half of a three-star hotel. The Hayarkon 48 is one of the most recommended
hostels in Tel Aviv, and with a good reason. The location is perfect, right in the center
of Tel Aviv, next to the sea, where Allenby meets the HaYarkon. There are seventy beds in the hostel, some
are in private rooms, some rooms have their own bathroom, and some share them. If you see the beach as an important part
of your vacation, then this is definitely the place for you. Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv is the newest hostel
in town and was set up by the partners who also run the Abraham Hostel in Jerusalem and
the Fauzi Azar in Nazareth. Everything they do, they do great, and on
a large scale. With 380 beds, it is the biggest hostel in
Israel. This enables them to offer services that smaller
hostels cannot offer, such as tours and transfer services between the hostels and the airport. If you’re flying to Israel and feeling a bit
concerned, this is a great place for a soft landing. Because they have a huge place in the middle
of Tel Aviv, they also host lots of events and shows. Little Tel Aviv Hostel is a great hostel on
Yehuda ha-Levi Street, near Rothschild Boulevard and five minutes from HaCarmel Market. There are only 58 beds, so it’s fairly small. They have a small garden and a pub and, like
the Hayarkon 48 and the Abrahams, they have great staff who are ready to assist you and
help you make the most out of your visit in Tel Aviv. That’s it, guys. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did then please help me grow my channel
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that I mentioned in this video will be down here below. See you in the next video and bye for now!