If you’re looking for a hotel or hostel in
Jerusalem or just want to understand how the city works when it comes to accommodation,
then you are in the right place. My name is Oren and I’m a professional tour
guide and in this video I’m going to show you the best luxury hotels, boutique hotels,
regular hotels and hostels in Jerusalem. Now, Jerusalem is a big city, there are many
great hotels but I focused on the ones that are in the middle of the city where many of
the important sights are in walking distance and it is actually very easy doing this video
because all of the hotels from the five-star hotels to the hostels are all located in a
couple of minutes’ walk from one another. And I will start at the top with the best
five-star hotels. Every city has that one very known historical
hotel and in Jerusalem it is the King David. It was built by a wealthy Jewish Egyptian
banker and quickly became the place where all the politicians, businessmen and celebrities
stayed, from Churchill to Madonna. It is probably the best-known hotel in Israel. And since the fifties the hotel has hosted
many heads of state from around the world. Mamilla Hotel is also a five-star hotel. It is located exactly at the boundary of the
Old and New City and it is part of the Mamilla compound, a pedestrian mall that connects
Jaffa Road and Jaffa Gate. They have a bar on the roof with beautiful
views of the Old City, they also have an excellent spa compound, which is a good idea in an intense
city like Jerusalem. The newest luxury hotel in Jerusalem, opened
in 2013, is the Waldorf Astoria. The international luxury hotel chain opened
its first hotel in Israel in a beautiful building that used to host one of Jerusalem’s luxury
hotels in the thirties: the Palace Hotel. If King David was the Jewish luxury hotel
then the Palace Hotel was the Arabic luxury hotel. Like the King David, it served as a British
government building. The building was neglected for many years,
until it was restored at great cost, and returned to serving its original purpose as a luxury
hotel. The prices at the five-star hotels start from
about $350 a night. If you’re looking for a special hotel then
a boutique hotel might be a good option for you. Boutique hotels are usually located in smaller
buildings in the inner neighborhoods. The rooms are smaller than in regular hotels
and usually don’t have the large swimming pool or the facilities that a large hotel
can offer. However they offer an intimate space with
an emphasis on a personal touch and tasteful design. The Arthur Hotel, named after Lord Balfour,
is a small boutique hotel with a colonial design touch. The hotel is located at the Ben Yehuda pedestrian
mall near Jaffa Road, in the center of the city: the Old City is fifteen minutes’ walk
away. The Harmony Hotel is a more modern design
hotel, it is located in Nahalat Shiva, one of the first neighborhoods built outside of
Jerusalem’s city walls. What I like about this hotel is that the second
you step out, you feel Jerusalem, because it is located in an alley, the Jerusalem atmosphere
starts at the doorstep of the hotel. Bezalel Hotel is the newest boutique hotel
in Jerusalem, opened just last year so everything is super clean and new; the design there is
more local Israeli style as the hotel is next to Bezelel Academy of Arts, the first arts
academy in Israel and it is considered to be the national school of arts. The prices at the boutique hotels start at
around $250 a night. If you spend your whole day exploring the
city and just want a simple hotel, then there are some great three-star hotels in the middle
of the city. The Eldan Hotel is a good hotel between the
luxury hotels but with a much friendlier price. It is a ten-minute walk from the Old City. Montefiore Hotel and the Eyal Hotel are also
located in the center of the city. Both great hotels. There is not much I can say about the three-star
hotels: all over clean rooms with good breakfast and wi-fi: you don’t need more than that. The prices start from around $170. If the prices of the hotels seem too high
for you then a hostel can be a great option. There are some great hostels in Jerusalem
and all of them also offer private rooms, so you don’t need to sleep with people you
don’t know in your room. The price for a bed in dorms is about 100
shekels so around 23, 26 dollars or euros and around a hundred dollars or euros for
a private room. The Abraham Hostel was selected as one of
the big best hostels in the world and for a good reason: the location is excellent,
it is in the center of Jaffa Road, next to the Ha-Davidka light rail station, it’s a
15-minute walk from the Old City and five minutes from the Machne Yehuda Market. The place also operates an information center
for travelers and this is a great option to start your trip in Jerusalem or in Israel,
especially for people who are concerned about traveling alone or traveling in Israel. When you walk in the Post Hostel it feels
more like a boutique hotel than a hostel. I think this might be the hostel with the
highest standards in Jerusalem. They really have thought about every small
detail and the breakfast is really really good. This hostel is next to the Town Hall station
of the light rail and about 300 meters from the Old City so you cannot sleep closer to
the Old City of Jerusalem for a better price. The Stay Inn Hostel is another great hostel. It is the newest hostel in Jerusalem and it
looks great. It is located in the city center near the
Jaffa Center light rail station. If you are arriving in Jerusalem late at night
or leaving early in the morning by bus then the Allenby 2 Hostel, located just behind
the central bus station is a great option. It is a small, quiet, family-run hostel and
the Old City is just a couple of light rail stations away. I will leave all the links for reservations,
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