so we are staying in Cambodia in Siem Reap. during this time of year you can save money as some of the best hotels here are next to nothing. this is Viroth’s hotel I’ll show you around this a little bit later but I mean look at the beautiful cars we have outside a classic Rolls Royce, beautiful!
a classic mercedes-benz, wow! you can have old-world style here from next to nothing so this modernist gem is a perfect place
to stay if you’re coming to Siem Reap no come on let’s have a look inside so the
first stop on today’s video is there are hotel yes okay and name isn’t that easy
to remember but when you look into hotels this name will pop up again and
again what an incredible modernist hotel all
sharp lines crisp whites and eye catching the vertical foliage there are
so tell has taken a leaf out of the book of new Khmer architecture a local take
on the modernist movement the fifties and sixties encapsulator in this luxury
hotel and I say luxury yes its five-star yes it really is incredible by cambodian
standards but by international standards it is also relatively cheap room rates
off-peak off-season here are around about 86 pounds at night and i guess
there will be double that in the peak season around November December
Christmas and New Year open to the outdoors banks two balconies patios and
the leafy choreographer on this bold but laid-back hotel is the talk of the town
and the talk of Siem Reap expect a smart pool pampering spa and sleek mid-century
stylings and it’s literally just a hop skip and a jump from Siem Reap spazzy
nightlife it is literally just over the river river from pub Street
and you can stumble home at 4 a.m. in about 10 or 12 minutes it is a breeze a
perfect location if you’re heading to Siem Reap the centerpiece of this
beautiful hotel is a peaceful palm-fringed courtyard literally within
drifting distance of the bar the hotel’s 20 meter mosaic tiled all’s crisp aqua
blue and just the ticket for a cooling dip after a day of traipsing around the
temples in the hot Cambodian heat barrels hotel takes pride in the eco
statement they catch tread lightly when it comes to environmentalism the water
is heated by solar power the lighting is all low energy IEDs and most of the
waste is recycled here the hotel is awash with glass bottles where they
provide water no plastic in sight this is my idea of responsible travel you