If you’re thinking about staying at the
Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, here are some things to know. 1 – location – Cosmo is one of the newest
and hottest hotels located right in the center of the strip. You can explore one side of the strip one
day and the other side the next. 2 – Art – This whole hotel is a fun walk with
random artworks everywhere. Even if you’re not staying at the Cosmo,
I would allocate 2 hours to browse this place. What is she doing? She’s eating a banana Just look at this map, it’s like a map for
a video game dungeon. Check out their lobby, have a drink in the
Chandelier bar, look for the giant shoe, look for the dog statues, and even the parking
lot has artwork. 3 – Art-o-mat scam – I have to warn you, they
have these artomat vending machines everywhere. The idea is that you can take home a piece
of art for $5. Don’t do it. I got what looks to be an artsy business card You’re better off putting that $5 in a slot
machine or buy a deck of cards from their gift shop. 5 – Movie nights – On Monday nights, you can
sit in the Boulevard pool and watch the big screen. How cool is that!? I … came a little overdressed. It’s free for hotel guests. Non-hotel guests can go too for $5 6 – Balcony – I think Cosmo is the only hotel
on the strip that offers balconies. You have to get a room that is not the City
Room. You’ll enjoy being able to see and hear
the strip without a glass in between. 7 – Rideshare – Cosmo is rideshare friendly. Some casinos make you walk quite a bit to
get to the rideshare stops. Uber and Lyft stops are right outside the
lobby. 8 – Security – I heard of stories where rooms
have been burglarized. I think I figured it out. Well, I noticed that my door didn’t quite
close. Say you don’t want to make that much noise and you quietly close the door It seems like the door is closed, but it’s not So make sure you push the door in until you
hear that click. Also there’s no one checking for key cards
at the elevators. 9 – High limits – The limits are generally
higher at the Cosmo. I wanted to play craps, but $25 minimum was
too much but the good news is that you’re in the middle of the strip. I walked 3 minutes and I was at the craps
table at Planet Hollywood. 10 – Ask to be in the Boulevard Tower. Cosmo has two towers. Chelsea and the Boulevard. Boulevard Tower is the one that is closer
to the strip and the fountain show. You can go down the elevator to a bunch of
restaurants, marquie club or be outside on the strip in a few minutes. Chelsea tower is a better choice if you are
here for work or traveling with your harry buddy. It’s closer to the convention rooms and
the gym spa is in that tower too. Speaking of their spa, there are no discounts
for being a hotel guest. Gym is free for guests. 11 – Fountain View – the rooms are beautiful
and comfortable but having a view of the fountain raises the experience. If you have the option for a better room or
fountain view, please choose the fountain view. Cosmo is right next to Bellagio and you can
get a view of the fountain from above. It’s a new way of experiencing the show. I never knew the fountain had those swirly
shapes on the sides. It’s the first time in my life that I felt
I wanted to stay in the room than go down to the strip. 12 – Restaurants – There are decent choices
to eat like the Wicked Spoon buffet, Egg Slut, and Secret Pizza. Egg slot had a long line and they were good,
but it may be overhyped. Just don’t expect too much and it’ll be a
decent meal. The slot which is this cup with egg and potato
mixed together is their specialty. There’s a hallway in between two restaurants with no signs It feels like that first time you found the warp zone in Super Mario But there’s just an average pizza waiting for you at the end I feel that the Secret Pizza is your average
pizza and you can save that stomach space for something else, but it is cool to find
a secret restaurant. Find the tunnel, take a picture in their tunnel but don’t eat there. 15 – Discount Rate – Sign up for Cosmo’s
Identity membership. It’s free and you can do it online. I’ll leave the link below. They send discounts for the rooms almost every
month. By the way, I’m all about saving so please
subscribe to this channel if you would like to see more videos like this. 16 – Staff – The staff was very friendly here. The front desk and even the gift store worker
greeted me with a smile. We took a peak in the high roller area and
although it was obvious we weren’t high rollers, a guy in a suit came out to show
us around. He told us that the whales each get a shelf
with their favorite drinks displayed. If I had a shelf, I would put Coke Zero, Smartwater
and orangina 17 – Superstition – Just like this list, they
don’t have hotel room floors with the numbers 4 or 13. You see, it’s missing 54, 64, and 74. I really can’t think of anything bad to say
other than that I don’t really like to play here because of the high limits and I can
swear the slots are tighter. Also if you come here at the wrong time, the
room rates can be really high. If you can book at a reasonable rate, I recommend
staying at the Cosmopolitan. I stayed at the Cosmopolitan and I think it’s
the best hotel on the strip. If you found this video useful, please remember
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