[Music] after a long but comfortable flight from Tokyo we finally made it to Las Vegas a lot of my friends recommended staying at the Cosmopolitan so I wanted to check it out firsthand and also give you a tour of my experience [Music] [Music] wow what a beautiful time to arrive the room is amazing the Sun is setting right now and this view just overlooks the Bellagio fountain and the strip oh and check out my Sun rush shirt if you like it I’ll leave a link in the description below so one of the things that I love the most about this room is just the bed check this up the bed is just so big I love it so right next to the bed they have these cool lamps with AC and USB port so you can charge your phone so much easier and they’ve got these cool reading lights that just flipped out from the headboard so oh cool and they have this cool mini bar just behind me that has this awesome I pad tells you how hot it is outside it just says right now 44 degrees it tells you the weather forecast but also it allows you to control the room lights and the temperature inside it’s so convenient and check it out it even has a love kit which is kind of funny because it has one or gas make of multi-speed vibrator one vibrator ring two premium condoms one personal lubricant and one temporary tattoo who needs a temporary tattoo and there’s also a minibar but I tend to just avoid it because the price I just way too expensive but one nice thing is that they give you a second refrigerator to store your own stuff which is pretty freakin cool this is probably one of my favorite parts about the room this living space you can see Michael is just chilling there drawing on her iPad and relaxing and let me show you what I like to do [Music] Netflix and chill on one of the two TVs in the room oh but one last thing if you want to know the internet speeds let’s test it out a hundred and thirty megabits per second it’s so fast Michael loves his two separate sinks with beauty guru mirrors jacuzzi tub and this big-ass shower room nothing like waking up in the morning and having my cold coffee last night was kind of intense I don’t understand sometimes the hotel pillows are just way too fluffy I just use a towel because it just hurts my neck but you know what can you do people like the fluffy pillows and I found a solution this is an amazing of you wow just look at this view it’s freaking amazing you can see all of the ship this is probably like the best view I’ve ever had in my entire life one thing though like since it overlooks the Bellagio fountain and like this is the Main Street people are partying like crazy I can hear like the club’s going on until like 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning so if you guys have problems with having like outside noise and this might not be the spot but I feel like me and they’re just like tired you can just probably sleep through it but damn this place isn’t going off okay so today the plan is to just check out more of the hotel and then check out the pool so far the stay has been pretty good really dig in this hotel and this coffee isn’t bad as well I always get the unsweetened version check out the chandelier bar right behind me it’s amazing it goes several floors so this is our first day having breakfast and we didn’t know if we were supposed to win the line or not but apparently our room has included the VIP pass so you can just go straight to the front and they seat you right away freaking amazing I love the service here The Cosmopolitan buffet is noted as one of the best in Vegas so my expectation was as high as Snoop Dogg at his own concert and it didn’t disappoint the food selection was insanely impressive beautiful butcher section with various meats Asian food essentials like barbecue pork fried rice and pokey lots of veggies to balance out my carnivorous side and of course lots of Western food options like pizza and pasta oh and I love how dishes are prepared in one serving sizes they have so much food in the bay this is one of the best days I’ve ever been to they just have everything from breads to me I got the top sirloin I got the pork shoulder look I got fried chicken in a basket when you get fried chicken in a basket and of course I can’t just like eat beef because there’s just so much stuff look at the selection of salad add some kale salad and just like an assortment of salads with some sauce and even a ravioli I honestly believe you can stay here for one week and you probably don’t even have to eat the same thing because it’s just so much selection and the dessert selection here is to die for they have an entire island with just dedicated to desserts and there’s just like so many of creative different types of desserts and you wouldn’t just normally see let’s try them me first bye this is what a Vegas buffet is like into this like a lot of the other ones but this is truly a magnificent selection bone marrow and kimchi my first time oh I think I’ve had bone marrow but never with a kimchi sauce before I don’t know if you just go suck it but let me just like scoop it out oh look at that super fatty Wow bone marrow just melts in your mouth I don’t know if I could eat a lot of these but it’s definitely worth a taste all I have to say is if you’re staying at the hotel definitely worth getting the breakfast buffet included and what’s crazy is that it’s not even a breakfast buffet it’s from the morning all the way until 3:00 so that’s breakfast and brunch so if you’re partying late at night and you wake up super late he instilled they put it in the hotel up to 3:00 p.m. now that’s some sexy cable manager before we can go to the pool I’ve got a change now Miley and I are ready for the pool this pool is amazing Luke behind me you can literally expand it into hired a here they have the pool and have bars and all these drinks it’s freaking crazy this is just one of the three pools in the hotel there’s an actually another one on the Chelsea side but since we’re staying on the boulevard side we’re going to disco and then I did left the best for last let’s go check out the main attraction pull kylie is a marquee day and night club you can actually come here during the day and it’s quite the freakin experience and it’s right between the Chelsea and the boulevard tower and access to the pool parties included with you stay at the hotel they’ve included it all [Applause] yeah damn that pool party was intense and it continued into the night good thing there’s a trendy breakfast spot in the hotel called eggslut to help shake off the hangover I got the Gaucho sandwich and it has a tri-tip walking stick [Music] agnus broke off bread is like lightly grilled like in space like it’s a little bit buttered or oil and it just kind of brings out the flavor of the meat and the egg and the chives of onions wow what a great combination that was a good breakfast time to work out [Music] [Music] all done for today let’s hit the showers alright this includes my Cosmo tour help me out and hit 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