Adcraft’s DF-6L electric fryer is a
great light-duty product for a restaurant, concession, deli, and even for
home use. It can be used for the special of the day or as an additional side unit
so the oil in the main fryer is not contaminated by another product. The
fryer is constructed of stainless steel and can cook 15 to 20 pounds of product
per hour. The tank holds up to 6 liters of oil and has interior graduation
markings, which denote a min/max point for the oil. Adjustment in the quantity
of oil will be dependent on the amount of food being prepared. A power indicator
light will go on when the unit is turned on. A temperature regulator heats the
food to the desired temperature and lights up a yellow hot light, which shows
when the desired temperature has been reached. The adjustable thermostat allows for cooking between 120 and 370 degrees. For safety — an automatic shutoff feature cuts power to the unit when the oil has
reached a maximum temperature of 446 degrees. A second safety feature is the
automatic micro switch on the bottom of the unit head. This will cut power to the
fryer if the head has been separated from the base of the unit when powered
on. The fryer has a 6 foot cord with a standard 120 volt NEMA 515 plug. It puts
out 750 watts and should be connected to a dedicated 15 amp circuit for maximum
performance. The fryer comes complete with a collapsible basket, stainless
steel cover for when the unit is not in use, and a removable raised wire grate
which protects the heating coils. The head and heating coil assembly is also easily
removable. Drop handles are provided for easy removal and cleaning of the tank.
Adrcraft also offers a double tank version model DF-6L/2, which
allows the user to make twice as much product in a small amount of space. Each
tank comes with a separate electrical cord, which should be plugged into its
own dedicated circuit. Both models are ul and NSF listed. Please read and follow
the instruction manual that is enclosed with each unit. We suggest that a hood
be used when using either item indoors.