Hope you are doing great, friends My wish is that you are all doing fine my wish is that you are all doing fine Kak Hewa wishes you are all great how are you friends? today is a new day and its great day today is hemin’s favorite day because his cousin is coming which he’s very close friends with (kak ahmed) they always talk on the phone for twenty four hours when I got married to him I used to get mad because he was always busy on his phone. I would look and see Ahmed, Ahmed, Ahmed (on his phone) he would talk 24 hours with him she used to think I was speaking to a girl I said kaka it’s Ahmed. she would say then show it me let me see the name she would look and there was a picture of Ahmed when Ahmed would come to us I would get angry and say stop speaking to him he is with me now. Let us be together Ahmed’s wife used to say the same thing to me. “stop speaking to him” so today is gonna be the best day because after 4 years we finally meet again. believe me its the best day today is special Ahmed and I missed each other so much so Inshallah today will be the best day so…. Inshallah friends we will go to the airport to get them. Inshallah y’all will see how much good it is to see each other after long years of waiting so that’s why Ahmed is like my brother. right now we are at the bus stop we are still waiting we are going to bazaar with the bus. sometimes its good to go with taxi or… the bus Hemin found a restaurant which he says it’s very good and has a good star rating That’s right this restaurant is well known. we are going to see if its good or bad so we are heading towards there They have meat sandwich’s. They make it good I will show it to you guys. I think they have a bunch of employers working there so now ill post this video. you guys will be with us. If the food tastes good We will tell you guys it tastes great if you guys come to turkey we will let you know to go to that restaurant or not we will let you know to go to that restaurant or not if you come to Istanbul yes.. we are finally here. the name of the restaurant is bayramoğlu doner and Its right across from me. ill show you now the location was very far approximately an hour away from our hotel.. so far But it’s worth it Ill show you guys this area it’s great I feel like I am out of the city. look at this place This is another mosque mashallah so let me show you thats the good restaurant here over there… we arrived They have tasty meat look at the long line. Do you guys see the line? what should we do Chawan? I am starving Look now you guys can see the line is very long but its okay we will wait because they say the food here is very tasty just like these people we will wait approximately we waited 10 minutes outside as soon as we ca me in Chawan started eating the salad Chawan so let me go and show you how they make the food. that’s the reason why I make these videos so you guys get to see also for the people who can’t travel to Istanbul… so you can see it on here how good this restaurant is. now we are inside so let me tell you guys now that I tasted the doner food To be honest it’s very very good I have been looking for a good restaurant like this one so this is for you guys to enjoy for you to see the doner is very delicious and moist the meat is what I was looking for in a restaurant in Istanbul this is what i was looking for delicious like this one You guys saw how they sliced the meat they also bring this to your table. let me show you guys this naan which they make it here What is your name? Hemin name? Hemin Hemin its so great that you are all kurd mashallah peace be upon you peace be upon you too (welcome) mashallah he is the boss!! wallah it smells good it also looked good (thank you all) Good job hope you all keep succeeding inshallah mashallah you are fast mashallah he is the boss!!! hello friends we came to a great location lets show them yallah….. Look wow! It’s so great here Look at this place aha what is this advertisement? it’s like scissor this is chawan’s commercial in every video I have my own commercial this scissor in your hands (referring to her fingers) wow it looks like the beach in America come… Record look. so good… chawan how do you feel? are you beautiful? are you .. beautiful? are you polite? are you polite? meqmeq LOL MEQMEQ when chawan speaks sometimes I call her Meqmeq she gets mad. now I will not get mad meqmeq meqmeq *giggles* wow look at this great place but why is it so bright? they are fishing now I will go and interview them how are you doing? now we will go and interview them to see how many fish they caught look he wrapped the metal this place is very good and bright now we are gonna sit and then walk around then…. chawan don’t put the camera near my face just like how you say it let it be alittle far its far… far now I don’t know where to go and get on the boat so we go across so we go across because there’s this great park here so we planned on going should we go? look at them… they put a table and chair record them so beautiful so fun do you like to leave? to go across yes.. look the boat came back I am talking about that boat should we go? I don’t know in my opinion this place is good and also we have to leave to the airport so lets just stay around here oh.. then it’s fine we can come back another day we will come back another day Why did I not bring my sunglasses? I dont know in kurdistan they call it kasket what do you call it? hat hat!!!! hat is like this here you go these type of boats guys when you get on.. when you get on it costs one dollar what did you say chawan? look there is so many jellyfish what jellyfish? I see fishes thats not a problem wow it’s so huge its not like the ones in sweden it’s right there.. right there look how big it is wait it’s right here the one in Sweden is this small thats true! once I earn money I will buy you this house which one? do you like that one? out of all these other good houses over there you will buy me that one oh my God!! you say thats not good you can throw yourself from there into the water so what.. I am not gonna swim I like to stay inside do you know where this place looks like? where? you haven’t been there yet Azmer the tall place…where there is cars stopped there is also chairs and tables where they eat food for real? isnt azmer the tall place? yes.. so this one is just like it when the cars are stopped and they put chairs and tables people bring food and eat its the same here Hemin look at the road here but…my heart oh… you are right it is just like azmer when they stop the car and eat sunflowers, and make kabobs and they put tea yaprax… now look at this great view me and chawan… have been chilling we walked for a long distance from there we walked all the way here we walked I said the same thing okay yes now we will walk all the way there to find a taxi but the weather is so good that you would want to keep walking because it is a little windy we are going to the plane 🙂 we are going to the airport to get Ahmed what Do you have hiccups? when you get better? return such a great weather look at this cafeteria chawan oooo Hemin.. what? that is the house in the film which one? that one which film? umm.. what was the name? it was jonsw jonsw jonsw? are you talking about kara sevda? No no jonsw wallah I don’t know which one you are talking about I don’t know which film you are talking about but I know it is that house oh okay chawan has found herself a house do you watch that series everyday? No it is already over it’s over? yeah so why should we go over to that house then? go knock and see if jonsw is home is the name of the lady jonsw? okay we kept walking…. walking until we ended up in this great area wow look taadaa this is the huge bridge we walked so much that we reached this bridge.. I have been saying for the past 3 days Hemin lets go to that bridge its so good finally we came to the bridge wow San Francisco it’s so good to see this in person it’s so good see we are in the jungle yeah we are in jungle see we are Tarzan we are walking besides the road it is also crowded with cars the road is very narrow as you guys can see but it’s very good it’s not a problem..let it be that way wow its great we will soon go to the airport so now we are on the way to the airport so we can find a taxi near we wanted to buy them doner but we didn’t find a good one near by it was all grilled we said lets buy doner everyone would eat a doner so they would like it also but…. unfortunately we have to eat in the airport it’s okay let them fast till we get back to the hotel yeah.. yeah may God accept it so lets go look at purses to see if there is any nice bags for me nice bags? yes okay that one is so huge come. this one? that… you know what chawan? do you see those sweets? sweets wait let me show you guys that is sweets over there in here it’s 3x expensive than the bazaar’s outside if you buy them in the bazaar it is way cheaper bags and everything Chawan say bismillah (in the name of God) Bismillah Rahman Rahim ( in the name of God most gracious most merciful) Bismillah the one I ordered is with meat Chawan got just cheese Allah what does it taste like? It’s so tasty enjoy your meal Thank you the white T-shirt there was also a women next to him no..look far away now Hemin and I will play a game quickly Hemin because we are bored 1….2….3 1…2…3 1…2…3.. 1..2..3 1..2..3 before I won come.. come what’s your grandfathers name? there is a video which says the one that gets hit with ball and says I hope you break your hand I hope you break your hand come… come who’s your father? It’s on live tv and Hemin says come come what’s your fathers name? instead of saying come.. who’s your father oh yeah that’s true thats what he said.. lets play again I need to slap you back here hold it 1..2..3 1…2…3 you do it way too early 1…2….3 tie no two and zero did they come out? come on wait 1..2..3 three zero’s may your age get less my hands hurt.. you hold it Ahmed because of you I got slapped a thousand times my beloved Hemin I will sacrifice myself for you when did you get so big? really…no I am skinny so are you mashallah.. what is this I cant remember you it feels like years thats my brother He is my heart stop let it be over hello Ahmed How are you Chawan? are you good? I said their bag probably didn’t arrive finally Ahmed arrived we waited about 1 or 2 hours but finally arrived we are so happy… both of us welcome