Hi my name is Steph and I like my coffee black,
like my soul. And I’m Connor Malbeuf and I don’t like
my coffee black, but we are in London, Ontario checking out the hottest coffee shops. First one, Locomotive Espresso at the corner
of Colbourne and Paul Mall. Whats your first reaction of Locomotives coffee? Well drinking it just black I’d say its not
like a strong brew, its not like a dark roast. This is just a regular cup of coffee. It kind of tastes like the Van Houten K-Cups. But its good. Hear that people? If you like K-Cups come over here. But the actual atmosphere of locomotive is
really great. Lots of study spots. They have a toast bar, not many places do. So. if you are into a great study spot where
there is lots of room and wifi check out Locomotive espresso. Now we are at Black Walnut bakery cafe on
Richmond street. This is Steph’s personal favourite. Were going to go inside and give you a tour. It is quite the coffee shop so come on in. So, Steph you are trying Black Walnut’s
famous Cruffins. It’s basically a mix between a muffin and
a croissant. Whats your initial reaction? It is so good. Hear that guys? Try a Cruffin at black walnut. Connor is trying a latte. It’s really good. I would like to be Gordan Ramsay but I have
nothing bad to say. Scale of 1 to 10, how good? Really good, 8 or 9. I love Lattes, so Black Walnut does it right. So check it out here if you’re a latte fanatic
like me. There is a lot of space and tables, but it
is busy. So get here early, or sometime and check it
out Black Walnut, Richmond Street. We are here at Firesroasted Cafe at Talbot
and King Street. They actually supply the coffee at Western. Yeah, they also have really good live bands
here on some of the weeknights so make sure to check that out. They have a lot of seating. Wifi is not the greatest, but you know, they
got good coffee. Let’s go check it out. Couple pro-tips if you want too head on to
this coffee shop. First one, they are open till 10pm on weeknights. So if you want to be here studying late this
is kind of your place to be. Not a lot of coffee shops are open that late. Also, what else? They have live bands and you can order beer
if you like, or put baileys in your coffee. Yeah, i don’t know many coffee shops that
serve alcohol. So hit it up. So we are on the last part of our cafe crawl
at Ritual Cafe. It’s fairly new to London, one of my personal
favourites. It’s quite alt, so if you want some awesome
Instagram photos it’s a great place to go. Get those likes! Yes exactly. But they don’t have Wifi on Sunday’s so
if you are trying to finish that last minute paper maybe don’t hit up this place. We are going to go inside, they got some great
food and a pretty speciality menu. Lets go check it out. It’s a good place to get assignments done
in general as there is outlets everywhere. So you can bring your laptops. I know places like Williams don’t have many
outlet’s. They also serve crepes, I don’t know about
you Steph but deal me in. They also have kind of an alternative menu. There’s a lot of different options so if
you have any allergies they have tons of different kinds of milk. Like Hemp milk, coconut milk. And they’re are open till 6pm on most weeknights. If you are into that, check this out, Ritual
Cafe, just off Talbot. So that was our first Cafe Crawl on Western
TV! And if you have any favourites make sure to
comment down below. See you, later Western make sure to like share
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