Just now reached to my hotel Took some rest, getting ready. To explore this mega city. But before that, let me show you how i came from airport to my hotel. Just came out of dubai airport We were to catch metro but, Metro starts 10 am on Friday And now its just 8 am. Cant wait for 2 hours more. So we caught this bus. Taxi is very expensive here. And my hotel is not so far Just 6 km from airport In diera. For busses, you have to take NOL card. This card can be used in busses, and metro. Rate for NOL card is 25 Dirhams. Around 7 $ You get 19 dirhams balance in that card That 19 dirhams can be used in bus, Metro, etc. So i got 19 dirhmas. And this bus i took will cost me 3 dirhams To my hotel from airport I remember bus in Malaysia Which was free… Gokl free bus with ac,wifi So Dubai is expensive So guys we did not wait for metro And we took bus for our hotel. Thanks to google maps And information desk. And got information regarding bus. So we took C1 number bus from airport To gold souk, deira. Per person charge was 3 dirhams Now important information about NOL card. You buy at 25 Dirhams outside airport You get 19 dirhams balance 6 dirhams is of cards rate. That card is valid for 5 years. You come again in 5 years, don’t take again Just keep that card with you safely. Than recharge that card as per your use. This card is used in metro and buses. No ticket conductor in bus Just tap that card once you enter the bus on a machine near bus door. So you get check in once you touch And once you arrive your destination, Tap that card again on machine to check out The balance will get deducted from card As per your journey So always remember to tap again during exit. Otherwise you will be charged more by technical stuff. You may loose all balance if you forget to check out So always remember to tap again and check out… And now we are in hotel. Will go out soon. But before that, Let me show you my room This is my room tour. Hotel name is Gold plaza guest house. This is in old deira, near Gold souk This is wardrobe It have a mini fridge Here it is. 2 beds for 2 people This view Room have air conditioner This is must in your room in dubai As Dubai is hot So your room must have ac. Have a tv. And a bathroom Which have hot water, shower, bath tub, facilities. So this room is small but sweet. Pretty good facilities As per rates, its good Rate is 30 $ per night for 2 person. This rate is very cheap in Dubai. I cant think this cheap hotels more in Dubai Including breakfast. Just came down from hotel, Today is friday, so every shop is closed. Have a plan now To explore the city Lets see where we go today. Here is gold markets, Spice market, Textile market, perfume market. Alot of Markets nearby But will not explore today. Will explore tomorrow As today is friday so, Many shops are closed. Today will explore something else. We are now in Dubai creek Here you see abra. Abra means boat. It charge just 1 dirham Dubai creek Deira to bur dubai it takes In just 1 dirham Most cheapest transport in dubai.