Vancouver is an expensive city Dining with friends is fun until you’re running low on cash Whether it’s tacos, curry, donair or burgers. This city’s got a cheap dish for every occasion Here are my favorite Vancouver’s best cheap eats that cost fifteen dollars or less They are the real hidden gems in the city. So let’s check it out Hey guys, right behind me is my favorite Mexican restaurant called Sal y Limon famous for its tacos Let’s check it out It’s usually a pretty packed so we came at a very good time before the rush hour There’s the menu Tortas, burritos, quesadillas, and tacos Look at that guys Our food just arrived. That’s the pork with pineapple right there This one is the slow-roasted pork and two grilled chicken We got this horchata and tortilla soup and more tacos Zack, what are the tacos that you got? Carne asada (grilled beef) and al pastor (marinated pork with pineapple) These are my three favorite sauces. One is the — what is called Diablo. It’s a little bit spicy. And this one is more like a tomato-based, not so spicy. Most people get this one I forgot a name, but it’s really good and this one is the spicy one, it’s kind of like a guacamole sauce Let’s try it out. Yeah, so usually what I do is I add this, a little bit on top, that’s spicy though and I add a little bit of tomato sauce and try it Look how full it is. So big. I don’t how to — where to start So I’m gonna start from here. Turn sideways, that’s how you eat it Oh my god The pork is so juicy and succulent, so tender. And you can tell that it’s slow-roasted because it’s really, really tender The meat is very much a marinated So it’s so perfect. And when you add a little bit of sauce, the spicy sauce, and it makes it a perfect blend Perfect blend Good So $13 for four tacos It’s a really good meal So guys, this place, Babylon Cafe, is the best shawarma place in Vancouver Here is the chicken shawarma from Babylon Cafe Donair or shawarma, they are basically the same thing. But this is my favorite place to eat it Check it out Super juicy, and the vegetables are super fresh. It’s amazing This whole thing cost $8 Newtown is the new cheapest place in Vancouver, in Chinatown. So let me show you guys Their specialty is the steamed buns. There’s 20 different types of steamed buns You can get veggie, pork, beef, chicken… all kinds of steamed buns. Hey guys, we just sat down. We’re starting to order some dishes So usually I’m order about 7 to 8 bucks per person and you can have a full delicious meal. This place also has the best steamed buns in the city. It’s called bola bola. Bola bola, very easy remember. This is the bola bola. It’s only like three dollars. It’s like that big and there’s like — it’s pork and there’s actually a little bit of egg in there too Super good There’s a paper skin, just peel it off Guys, look at the meat. That’s serious meat, huh? Look at this. Never, never disappointed. t And this one is the veggie one. So it looks like it’s stuffed with carrots, some cabbage, spinach? Yeah and even some vermicelli noodles I feel like as well Yeah, it is It’s really, really tasty and mine is the big baked pork bun, bola bola Yeah, the carnivore special. Our final dish is obviously this one the fish congee so congee, if you guys don’t know, is basically an overcooked rice Just look at that So thick So much fish in there I’m going to put a little chunk in Samar’s bowl We spent $15 for the two of us on two buns, one big congee, and one spring roll Fully, fully satisfied So today is a little bit chilly. We’re taking you to our favorite Indian place — cheap Indian place on the Fraser and 49th We ordered 3 samosas, and a butter chicken, and a few naans So samosas for a little appy, with sweet sauce It’s only $1. $1 for each. So good The outside is so crispy, so good. And this is what I like. Got this beautifully cooked butter chicken The naan right there Look at the chicken right there. These are legitimate tandoori chicken. They are really, really good and very well grilled. I’m in heaven. I’m in curry heaven. So good! This entire meal is only $18 for three samosas, and one large better chicken, and two naans Super, super good. So it’s only $18 for the two of us and we never finish it It’s so good Basically it’s less than $10 per person. I’m gonna take you to this barbecue place. It’s called barbecue master Oh, look at that Oh yeah, that’s my favorite. It’s barbecue duck with barbecue pork. So guys, just adding a little bit of chilli oil sauce This sauce is not even spicy, it just gives it a lot of flavor but not adding too much. Otherwise, it can overpower the barbecue taste just add it on the rice and I also add the soy sauce on the side. This soy sauce is actually a little bit sweeter It makes the meat tender So just spread a little bit on the sides. Here you go man, that’s what I’m talking about. $10 It’s too good This is amazing Look at the meat so tender Honorable mention goes to Phnom Penh Located in Chinatown, a landmark restaurant for years serving Cambodian and Vietnamese food Fried chicken wings, marinated better beef, and a luc lac rice are among the most popular dishes Chinatown BBQ located on Pender Street in Chinatown has one of the most authentic roasted barbecued duck in the city The fried chicken wings at Zabu Chicken on Robson are hard to forget Last but not least, Sushi California on Broadway and Cambie is a must-go while visiting Vancouver there is an endless variety of sushi rolls and don’t forget to order the wild salmon sashimi and seafood salad They are delicious and well-portioned. Thank you very much for watching this video guys If you like this video, please give a big thumbs up and leave a comment Until next time!