What is the best candy bar ever? I’m Maggie from Columbus, Ohio.
Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning.
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– You know, we’re on a mission today, Link. We’re on a mission to find what
the best candy bar ever is. This is my mission face. We decided–
we think on a weekly basis– – Can they see these candy bars?
– No, those are out of the frame. Oh, we have a bunch of candy bars just out
of the frame. I thought you could see ’em. – (whispers) Don’t show ’em to ’em yet.
– They’re all right here. – You didn’t know that.
– We’ve got this idea. We think we’re gonna do this maybe on a weekly basis.
We’ll see how it goes. Hopefully you will latch on to this concept. We want to
determine the best ever of stuff. We thought candy bars would be a good
thing to start with. We’re gonna go through some candy bars that are
down here. We’re gonna talk about ’em. – We’re gonna present them to you.
– But we want you to make the decision, because we’re gonna just go through and act
as if we have never seen candy bars before. As if we’re cavemen who are just being
(gruffly) introduced to candy bars for first time ever. (normally) And we’re
gonna just– we know nothing. We have no point of reference. We’re just going to
kind of lead you through these candy bars. I’m pretty sure that sounded
like Cookie Monster. – (laughs)
– You’re like the Candy Bar Monster now? Yeah, maybe. You vote in the comments.
You just say whatever your favorite candy bar ever is. We’re gonna tabulate these
things, then next week we’re gonna reveal what’s the best candy bar ever according
to you, the people who watch Good Mythical Morning. If we don’t have a candy
bar in here that’s your favorite candy bar, just add it to the comments. We only have
access to pretty much American candy bars – because we’re in America.
– Including Kit Kat. Let’s start here. – So, are we gonna eat these?
– We’re gonna be like cavemen. We’re not gonna talk like cavemen, but
we know nothing about candy bars. – (gruffly) Mmm. Me like eat Kit Kat.
– You sound like– (laughs) You sound like the Cookie Monster too! (normally) Well, I want to
sound like Cookie Monster. – Oh, okay.
– All right, so these are shareable. – (grunts) Oh.
– As you can see, even as it came out – it was already wanting to be shared.
– (gruffly) Broken! Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to. (normally) Well, let me bite the
other end. I wanna taste each one. – I’m just joshing with ya, Rhett.
– Okay, um… there’s a wafer inside and milk chocolate on the outside.
Kit Kats are very melty, I noticed that. – As a caveman would notice.
– Very tasty. One of my favorites. – This is vying for my vote.
– Good bar. So we’re gonna eat all of these,
but not all of every single one? Yeah, we’re just gonna taste ’em.
Ah, Milky Way. I mean– sorry. – 3 Musketeers.
– Read the label. Yeah, I can read. (gruffly) I can’t read!
What is this? What is these letters? – (gruffly) That “3.” That “musketeer.”
– (normally) It says, “Whipped up fluffy chocolate on chocolate taste.”
Usually they tell you what it is… – “Chocolate on chocolate taste.”
– I think that this is just a – nougat-filled bar. I think that…
– It’s chocolate-flavored nougat. – But don’t ask me what nougat is.
– It sounds like an insult. Like something you would call your younger
brother. (silly voice) Hey nougat! Haha! – (normally) Here we go. I’m gonna taste it.
– (silly voice) Hey little piece of nougat! – Come over here and gimme some OJ!
– (silly) What’re you lookin’ at, nougat? (normally) It’s a simple bar. 3 Musketeers
is simple. I’ve heard that they’re different – in other countries.
– Oh yeah? But in America, it’s just nougat
inside of a chocolate bar. If you’re in other countries, let us
know what it is. Crunch bar, here we go. – I’m gonna move on to the next two.
– Gotta keep things rolling. Like Rhett said, just because we’re eating
these doesn’t mean you have to vote for one of these. Put anything you want in the
comments. We’ll tabulate these and we’ll let – you know in the next Best Ever episode.
– Or make a video response with your reasoning for why you think something
is the best candy bar ever. Even better. “Cru” — that’s all
I’ve got of the Crunch bar. – Nestle Crunch.
– I like a bar that says what it does when you eat it. That gets points from me. Another pretty simple bar, it has Rice
Krispies — or known as “crisped rice,” according to Nestle,
surrounded by milk chocolate. I don’t know if that’s out
of focus, but… whatever. It’s like little pieces of crisp
rice encased inside of chocolate. – It’s a little too simple for me.
– Okay, now we’ve got the coconut bars, Link. Both from Peter Pan– and
that’s a company not a legend. – Almond Joy and Mounds.
– Now, I do not like coconut… – Okay, well…
– so give me the one that doesn’t – have coconut.
– They both have coconut. – Well, I like almonds.
– One has almonds. You can just eat the almonds right off the top. So basically
the difference between… Now, first of all, I didn’t realize this until right
now. Mounds is dark chocolate and Almond Joy is milk chocolate with almonds. I’m even gonna eat some of the coconut.
I’m doing this for you people. That’s how far I’m willing to go. I’m willing to
go so far as to eat coconut. Wow, how daring. Let’s
keep this thing moving. I don’t like it. – PayDay.
– Right now Kit Kat has my vote. They are definitely getting worse as
we go. PayDay is a peanut caramel bar. That’s how you pronounce
“caramel,” people. And this Mr. Goodbar, which– I like a
bar that exudes positivity. Again, it’s getting points just out of sheer
positivity. It’s very simple. Peanuts… It’s like a Hershey Bar
with peanuts in it. Oh my goodness, talk about
log of peanuts… that’s heinous. All a PayDay bar is is a log of caramel
that somebody rolled in peanuts. It looks like something that my grandma
would make. And I’m sure it would be – great, but it doesn’t–
– (silly voice) Hey, I made you something. I made you something. It’s real special.
It’s caramel and then I put peanuts on it. – (silly voice) I rolled it. I rolled–
– I call it PayDay. Don’t ask me why. – I rolled a caramel log in peanuts.
– (normally) Is that how your grandma talks? (high pitched) No, she talks more
like this, and she says, “Woo-oo!” (normally) Nana always says, “woo-oo!”
if you call her and she’s in another room. – Like a rapper?
– Woo-oo! She’s always done that. Woo-oo! Hey, I gotta tell ya, after having my mouth
polluted by chocolate after chocolate, – The salty…
– This is good! PayDay is good. It’s refreshing when you’re
eating twenty candy bars. – Your grandma knows what she’s doing!
– Yeah. Mass produce that, Grandma! Nana! – Baby Ruth.
– Baby Ruth. I’m growing a little concerned about–
not only the sound of this, people are gonna be complaining, (high voice) “Oh,
the wrapper sounds are really getting on my nerves! My dad came in the room
when all the wrapper sounds were happening and he was like, (deep voice)
‘What are you watchin’?'” – (laughs)
– (normally) We get a lot of comments on – Good Mythical Morning…
– What happens when your parents walk in? (silly voice) “My parent walked in
right when you said ‘naked!’ … awkward.” Well, sorry. Okay, while you’re opening up
the Baby Ruth, I’m gonna tell you we have a Reese’s Fast Break bar. We don’t have a
Reese’s cup because Reese’s cup’s not a bar, it’s cups. Any caveman
could tell you that. I just dropped half a Baby
Ruth in my crotch area. – (laughs)
– And your dad just walked in and heard – me say that.
– Don’t mistake it for a turd, which could happen easily. I hope
your parents didn’t hear that. – Now listen.
– So you can’t vote for a cup, but you can vote for the Reese’s
bar, the Fast Break. But it doesn’t count as the cup, it’s
just this is the Reese’s bar, you know? Now, this should be good. This has got
peanut butter, some kind of cookie… (gruffly) Cookie! — (normally) and
then it’s covered in chocolate. Why don’t you feed it to me?
Just kidding, I’ll take it from you. – That was a bad idea. Edit that out.
– It’s not cookie; it’s milk chocolate… – Mm, yeah there’s no cookie here.
– peanut butter and (gruffly) nougat! I’m pretty much determining that my vote
is gonna have to go with something, now, – with nougat.
– We really gotta move now. We’re gonna – go over our twelve-minute barrier.
– No, we’re not gonna do that. We’re also talking about
Skor and whatchamacallit? Heath Bar. No, Whatchamacallit
is an actual bar, you really… – Oh.
– And we don’t have it. – I confused the issue.
– Okay, this is the problem – with toffee bars.
– Ugh. When you open them they
are always broken, look. Oh my gosh. That is so
bad, I have to spit it out. You’re such a wimp. You can’t eat toffee,
you can’t eat coconut… you probably couldn’t eat hornet larvae either. Look at this: every time you open a toffee
bar, it’s broken. It’s like an old person’s – femur. Look at that thing. It just–
– You can vote for Hershey’s, the purest chocolate bar ever, unless you
wanna vote for, like, the Milka bar. – I like toffee.
– I’m not even gonna eat this one because… – (repeats) I like toffee.
– And, of course, the classic Snickers. – Why did we decide to eat all these?
– Nougat… because we’re stupid. – We’re doing it for you.
– If a caveman came across these, he would be, (gruffly) ah, I’ve gotta
get these back to the cave. I don’t know – what it is, but…
– Butterfinger. (normally) Butterfinger is an unusual
bar that has orange-ish brittle stuff in it. You could vote for Twix. Now, peanut butter
Twix also exists; we don’t have those. These are caramel Twix. Here
you go, eat some of that. – Butterfinger’s peanut butter flavored.
– Yeah, I don’t even like it, though. I’m hatin’ on a bunch of these bars.
And last but not least, Milky Way. I found a video of an old commercial on
YouTube. I never thought that Milky Way – made me think of sailing…
– (narrator) Sit back, think about sailing… mmm, I really count on Milky Way. ♪ A Milky Way a day helps
you work,rest, and play ♪ – But maybe it’ll– (coughs and laughs)
– You okay? I’m gettin’ choked up. Maybe
it’ll make you think of sailing. Okay, what do you think is the best candy
bar ever? I’d say out of all these… First of all, you should never sit down
and eat–like a caveman– eat multiple bars all together because it really throws
you off. You will also agree that, if you do this, that PayDay is the best
candy bar ever and that can’t be true! – Yeah, it can’t be true.
– It can’t be true. There’s no way that PayDay is the best bar ever, even though
it’s great if you’ve eaten twenty other – chocolate bars.
– Let’s close down this episode. Vote in the comments: What’s your favorite
candy bar ever? We’ll tell you what you decided next week. The wheel doesn’t like to go clockwise,
I’m sorry. I listen to the wheel. It says, – “Spin me counterclockwise.”
– (Rhett) Oh my goodness. – Soap Opera: Rhett slap Link.
– Are you sure that doesn’t say, “Link slap Rhett?” If you wanna slap me, you can. I’m not the
one who is afraid of coconut and toffee. I’ll take a slap to the face, I don’t
care. But we gotta have some sort of– No, no, no. It says “Rhett slap Link,”
okay, I’ll do it. Just go for it. So it’s – like a soap opera? It’s a dramatic scene?
– Yeah, let’s just say that, like… (silly voice) My sister is in the
hospital and you’re her boyfriend – and I can’t believe…
– Hold on, why are you getting mad at me – ’cause I’m about to slap you.
– (normally) I’m invoking you and I’m taking off my glasses ’cause I
don’t want you to break ’em. (silly voice) I can’t believe that you
would sell the company business while she’s in the hospital! You should be
in there! You’re such a turd. You’re like – a nougat.
– Call me a nougat again and I will – slap you in the face.
– Nougat. Thanks for watching. It’s
uphill from here, people. [Captioned by Caitrin:
GMM Captioning Team]