(snoring) – [Woman on video] Are you
gonna sleep here tonight? – Yeah, all in. – All in? This (beep). – I know, all in. – Whatever, I can’t deal. – That’s embarrassing, does
that go on every night? – No, no it doesn’t go on every night. – [John] I’d call you a douche bag, but that’s offensive to every
douche bag I’ve ever met. (drums) Hi guys, my name is John Taffer. For the next five days you work for me. Fixing bars is easy,
fixing people is tough. You guys are pouring drinks that people are complaining about, you’re serving food that people can’t eat, and she’s sinking because of it. Your smirk is gonna bury you, you think it’s funny that
she’s in debt $900,000? – No, it’s not funny at all. – That’s good to hear.
– There is a grown man yelling at the top of his lungs at
people who aren’t children. – Well you’re dressed
like a six year old child, I wouldn’t talk about that. So when you opened this bar, what was the deal with your brother? – The deal was, you know,
he was gonna run it. He was gonna be the nuts and bolts guy. You know, I was gonna help
with the business end. – [John] How’d that work out? – Well, it’s not working out
good, that’s why you’re here. – How much money you got in this place? – About 300,000. – 300,000, how much
money does he have in it? – None. – So your brother doesn’t
respect your money, or he’s an idiot. – I think he respects my money, and I don’t think he’s an idiot. – [John] Is he lazy? – No, absolutely not. – Stop working. Really, so did you change this oil? Look at the color of
these, chef, is that right? No, so look at that oil, can any of this be right with that oil? No, so all of this is frickin’ wrong. – That’s disrespectful, man. – You did is disrespectful
to your customers. – I’m tryin’ to do what I can do. – You’re gonna get somebody sick. – I’m one guy in here
trying to do what I can do. – So are you a wimp, are you an idiot, are you lazy, what exactly are you? – They’re saying I’m too
hard on these people, I’m trying to do the best I can do, the best I know how to do, and yeah we’re (beep) up tonight– – So the best you can do sucks. – (beep) – Well said, you the manager here? – Yes I am. – I sent four people
in here to spy tonight, they were sitting over there ’til you jumped up on top of the DJ
booth standing above them, so they left to get away from you. This is your manager. He sits up on the bar, I’ve
never seen that in 30 years. – He’s my friend. – You’re taking a hit for his party. He’s the big shot on your money. You ever feel like a chump? ‘Cause right now you look like one. – I can change. – You can change? – Yep, 100%, I’ll go all in. – All in, I’ve heard you
use that term all night. You’re full of (beep) man, I got you busted right from the beginning. Rocky, how much were the
comps on him tonight? – 150. – And what were the total sales? – 664, that’s including the comps. – So we did 500 in sales,
150 in comps for him. James is taking advantage of Brandon, and Brandon’s letting him do it. He sits on a bar stool like a wimp, that’s why he’s losing his money. You wanna party and be a big shot? Do it on your own (beep) money, not his. – I will prove myself to you. – I’d like to see that.
– That’s my (beep) goal, – I’d like to see it.
– is prove myself to you. – Get your alcohol breath out of my face and prove it to me tomorrow, okay? ‘Cause I don’t really wanna
(beep) smell you right now. – So you gonna stop being a dirty slut? – John Taffer said I had saggy boobs. – [Black Haired Woman] You do! – John Taffer doesn’t know what the (beep) he’s talkin’ about. My tits stand up like the American flag. – Look, she’s doing it already! – Oh my goodness. – I’m not even out of there a minute. – Do you not understand you need his help. Do you wanna lose your house? – He made me sound old and disgusting. – But you are! – [Mother] I’m not old and disgusting. – You need to shut the (beep) up and take the goddamn help. – I don’t talk to you crazy, but if you don’t shut the
(beep) up and take the help. – You’re not moving in with me, act like a (beep) adult. You’re drunk, let it go. – No, y’all need to go back to work. – I asked you not to show or move your boobs, within one
minute of walking outta here, you were standing there like this. If your chest is more important to you than your wallet, you’re an idiot. Do you get that? Your mother has a sickness. If you can’t expose yourself,
you have no reason to live. Understand if she does this one time, I will leave here and
I will not come back. Your mother is in debt $140,000. She’s gonna be living where
when she loses her house? – With me, and I can’t
deal with that stress. – You’re gonna blow this,
move in with your daughter who doesn’t want you,
isn’t that an ass (beep)? – That’s kinda cruel, but yes. – If it’s truthful then it’s not cruel. Say it again, is that a
mother who’s an ass (beep)? – Yes, Mr. Taffer, I’m a
(beep) ass (beep), you like it? Yes, thank you (beep) very much. – Doesn’t bother me, ’cause
you’re the ass (beep). You see, I’m an ass
(beep) when I wanna be, you’re an ass (beep) all the
time, that’s the difference. I act like one, you are one. – Okay then (beep) help me, change me, help me the (beep) outta
debt, you (beep) tell me, don’t (beep) ask me to
show me, show you how, you told me you will help me right now, so (beep) show me don’t (beep) tell me how are you gonna help me. – First of all, don’t tell
me not to (beep) anything. You don’t say to me anything. I do what I want, and your job is to say, “Yes sir, Mr. Taffer,” and
I’ll save your ass, but I won’t save your tits, they’re
long gone, you get that?