Hi, I’m Alicia and I like to talk about healthy
food. I like to live a healthy lifestyle and eat
healthy foods. I like thing that are all-natural – or as
all-natural as we can possibly get. Today, I wanted to tell you about something
that I found. It is called The Best Bar Ever. See. Right there. They even say it. Pretty bold claim, right? Best Bar Ever? And they say that it is a real food – A premium
Real Food Bar. They are gluten-free, they don’t have any
added preservatives, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors. You are not going to find these sitting on
the grocery store shelf – they are not shelf stable. They are not sitting around waiting for somebody
to walk in and say “OOH! I’m hungry”and pick up this bar that has been
sitting there for a month and eat it. Nope. These are actually made to order. You order them online, they ship them to you,
and then you store them in your refrigerator until you are ready to eat them. They have an expiration date. This one says “Freeze by September 5th.” So, I better get on these, but I don’t think
they’ll last that long, anyway. I mean, listen to these flavors. Chocolate Peanut Butter. And I think that’s one my husband would want. If I am nice, I will save it for him because
he loves Peanut Butter. We may have to have a throw down on that one. This one is cookie dough. I’m telling you right now, I’m hiding this
one. I’m gonna put it in a bag and label it “Brussels
Sprouts” or something. That one’s mine. This one is the original and I’ll probably
cut that one in half and share it with him. I am not sure what it tastes like .This one
is Apple Pie and my son will love this one. He loves Apple Pie. This one is cinnamon bun. Now tell me that doesn’t sound good. But the one I am going to be trying today
is called Chocolate Coconut. Because I absolutely love Chocolate and Coconut. I have cut this little bar into a few pieces
so that you could see what it looks like on the inside, but they do actually come in a
whole piece. Look at that, you can see all the good stuff
and the ingredients. You can see the nuts and the coconut in it. Look at that. You can really see the coconut in that one. It is made with REALwhole ingredients that
you can see. It kinda feels like – it doesn’t feel like
one of the protein bars – it feels kinda like a fudge brownie. So let’s see what this tastes like. Mmmm. Mhmmhmmm. That’s really good. It actually has a texture lilke a fudge brownie,
almost. It’s really soft, and it’s sweet – but not
too sweet. It is sweetened with cane sugar and Stevia. But the cane sugar kinda cuts the taste of
the Stevia and it tastes really good. You don’t even taste the Stevia in it. I can taste the chocolate and the coconut
very prominently. Very good bar. I hope I will keep a stock of these because
when they have 15-16 grams of protein each, that’ll make a nice workout treat after I’ve
done a workout. I can’t wait to taste some of these. I got a special offer for you, too. When you order a box of these, everybody that
orders one gets a $20 gift card that they can use to all kinds of health stuff – not
just these bars. But for the first 10 people that order it
from my link down below, you’ll get an additional $20. So just for ordering these, you’ll get $40
in free gifts. Now that’s a really great deal. So be sure to check the link below to get
all the details on how to redeem that. Just click over to my blog post discussing
it. And get all those details. For now, I’m gonna go – you know, I haven’t
done my workout today, yet – but, I’m gonna go eat these. Bye!