[Music] that’s pretty phenomenal [Music] hey guys it’s Mike shin here in Seoul Korea one of my favorite things to eat anywhere is Korean barbeque just a mountain of different types of meat sizzling looking all pretty right in front of you you can’t beat that now really the only drawback about Korean barbecue is that typically it’s not cheap which is what just like hotpot I typically go for the all-you-can-eat to barbecue places and I want to show you guys a couple place I found and so that if you love the mountain of me you’d get a Korean barbecue and you want it at a really reasonable price that you’re gonna want to get to know the couple places I’m going to in this video and right now I’m in Ghana which is typically not the place to think about when you’re thinking about value but it does exist let me show you [Music] let me explain the menu here so there’s option a B and F this is the chandelier option I don’t know option a which is assortment of meats I think this restaurant is mainly just pork which makes sense because they’re mascots like a little pig can you get a student assortment of some option P you get all that and you get some fried chicken and then the chandelier option you get all of PE with unlimited rice or noodles entrance we’re gonna go for this one because this is like $12 this is like 1350 this is like 16 bucks we’re on vacation so let’s go all out in this place it’s packed lying out the door they told us you need to get here at 6 o’clock 5:30 it’s gonna be line already luckily it’s only about a 30-minute wait [Music] soy sauce chicken mine of course by all you can eat fried soy sauce chicken I’m gonna just ignore that little green part right there let’s just focus on the prettier parts of this with a couple types of dipping sauces we start you off with a couple pieces of pork belly and on the grill you have some garlic sprouts kimchi cooking and some fermented bean soup a couple different types of balls and they got a little station over there where you can get all unlimited rice and you know limited veggies for your shop I’m looking forward to my cold noodles because you’ve gotta have some cold noodles if you’re eating Korean bar that this station there’s tons of kimchi tons of these sprouts scallions tofu garlic for mixing bean sauce and also check this out gave skin I don’t think I’ve ever drilled this before this is something you don’t see a lot in Korean barbecue places in the States but people love grilling their stuff here and this is the rice I’m gonna skip this does that mainly here for the meat and in the noodles so the next Latian you get some fresh veggies some sesame leaves and I don’t know if this is something sacrilegious to find at a Korean barbecue place we’re not but yet you have pail right there so you go ahead and grab the other types of meats you want for your barbecue here there’s some pork slices some beef slices and this is the bean powder you use this to dip your pork skin in and here’s your other types of port you got some pork jowl you got some pork bellies you know so you got a dress for battle basically they limit how much meat you’ve grabbed because they only give you like one wooden plate where you only use this to grab your meat there right now I have a couple pieces of pork belly sitting here so I got to finish that first of all we’re gonna try this chicken now typically I mean fried chicken unless is really really good I wouldn’t recommend an all-you-can-eat buffet but I had to try it that’s pretty phenomenal oh that’s really good fried chicken holy wow the skin is really really crispy it’s a little sweet little spicy already uber juicy oh my gosh oh this is good fried chicken I definitely so far recommend option feet Wow I really got a problem with a wandering dish it’s really easy to go overboard you have problems stopping yourself let’s start grilling since all right not a greatest [Music] look how juicy this pork belly is oh yeah I’ve been dreaming of cold noodles since I was in New York this is one of my most favorite things in Korea ice in the broth your Korean barbecue experience is not complete without some cold noodles you’ve gotta have it [Music] I didn’t know what tickets a hog heaven could only cause by 15 bucks there’s something so clean about the flavor of the pork here I love it with a little additional sheer just don’t have so much fat in juice you did with some of the noodles – is good as a pork belly you will ever have surprised mg will spouse now as a party [Music] how many that’s not as you clean the most perfectly kilala by it’ll sesame oil that’s all you really need sesame oil a little salt I just took the fight out of perfection right there few things in the world are as perfect as brisket and a corner barbecue who thinks now this is gonna be really fun pork skin really support jobs well my favorite these are Korean barbecue like a sesame leaf some different cuts of the pork a scallion a little sure fried kimchi bits of roasted garlic some fermented bean sauce on top make a little Korean barbecue taco [Music] this is something so poetic about this which is so many flavors working together but a horrible fragrance on the travel leaves to the fat steeping everywhere from the pork belly to the crunch of attention the bean sprouts I mean you could you could write a poem about that bite all that together that fly really just fills you with a sort of food you Toria so the poor skin it’s not overly fat it’s you overwhelming when you bite down there well you’re gonna get a nice delicious gelatinous texture roof is true is pleasurable for me I gotta change it with some veggies otherwise it’s still gonna be low too much honey I just love the whole noodles and meat combo so my favorite things on the planet noodles and meat and what their powers combined I think there’s something truly delicious nothing I love more and then coming to Korea and enjoying a delicious Korean barbecue especially at this quality and at this price point honestly you’re gonna come here I’ll eliminate cold noodles are only extra four dollars so I would do that any day of the week but if you just want the meat that’s all you care about which is totally understandable that’s elite squall blocks including tax a little trip in this country that’s one of the best all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue deals you’re gonna find anywhere laughs all right guys like I said I have another place in mind you gotta check this place out it’s probably my favorite all-you-can-eat barbecue places here in Korea ready let’s go I’m hitting to the second all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue place this is a new location I usually go to the one in two hundred district but this one is brand-new it just open up and it’s located on University Street this restaurant is called Tom Kenny galbi and my friend Jamie showed me this place last year when I was in Seoul and I immediately fell in love with it their specialty here it’s spicy galbi and sport galbi and with it you can get you can get cuts of beef for 50% off if you feed the AMA all-you-can-eat option which is fully eleven thousand won so about eleven dollars when they told me the spice it was actually sold out for now they’re making some more I’ll be ready in about 30-40 minutes so this will have to do until then which is fine hey whatever a member of the GAVI family I love them all and I think for my cut of beef I’m gonna get some sirloin another reason I really really like this place this is a charcoal grill and really I had so much more of a smoky flavor than a gas grill also what you want to do is take some of that onion happy Korean barbecue for two golfy here it’s absolutely amazing juicy beyond words really perfect with some onions this is gonna make you about as happy as you can possibly be as a meat lover it’s just the juiciest piece of the photo this place never fails to make me so happy take bite of the pork take it with the chill you know you got full touch the heat in your mouth whoo – budget the order of noodles and this cost $3 also what I love about Korean barbecue here is that they change the grill literally every five minutes like in the u.s. sometimes you’re sitting there without without use grill for like an hour no one cares right here they take their barbecue really really seriously this thing right now cook to a perfect medium and look how juicy this baby is all you need is a little salt little sesame oil and just enjoy it doesn’t get better than enough that’s a perfect fight upbeat so unbelievably terrific fairly happy shootout but it meets by the noodles that’s how good times are made in Korea for me seriously this right here is why I’m having the best time I see galbi is the main reason why I love this place so much oh my god perfect a mountain he’s the reason I like it so much is that it’s not like a normal amount of heat stay really add on the spiciness galbi honey this day you’re gonna feel it all here it’s calm are you gonna love it in your heart trust me you’re gonna want to come back here the quality unbelievable for $11 second story on your door I feel like my trip to Korea there’s never complete without a couple really good meals I’ll barbecue in this this place then the place I went to yesterday my favorite or Korean barbecue and there’s big differences still like it’s the place yesterday if you want more for the dollar that’s definitely your spot I mean all you can eat a little bit you know is unlimited fried chicken everything for about 15 u.s. dollars different cuts of pork really nice thin beef brisket you cannot be dive down but I feel like if you want more quality meat better flavor this is your place I mean if you don’t want all the excess you want to get any extra the oils you don’t want get an extra P it’s only eleven dollars but I highly recommend that beef I mean what I ate was melt-in-your-mouth steak and that’s only about five dollars extra but really either one of these places it’s gonna make you happy and of course both locations are listed down below in the description box guys check it out next time Georgia so let me know how you like it as always thank y’all so much for watching on so we get again see you later