A very warm welcome to this episode So in this episode I am going to show the hotel named Anantara Sathorn in which I am staying throughout my Bangkok trip This is a finest 5 star hotel in the commercial centre which is called Sathorn in Bangkok So in this episode I am going to show you about this hotel, its facilities and benefits and most importantly the room tour and one more thing about the breakfast is that if you book the hotel then don’t boook the breakfast here because there is not much indian variety in breakfast so let’s start the review So this time for my bangkok trip I choosed Anantara Sathorn and the reason was Anantara Anantara is a chain of 5 star luxury hotels in South East Asia with a great Reputation And this was the reason I choosed this property to stay So the staff when you reach here is very welcoming and will always be greeting you smiling and yeah the Check in might be time consuming and the reason is heavy volume of guests if you like good views and good drinks (Cocktails or Mocktails) then you should go to there rooftop bar ZOOM which is right on the top and you can enjoy good views here along with good drinks I will show you the facilities in room tour and I will review it for you according to my travel experience I believe in the fact that the lobby of the hotel represents the hotel alot So observing the vibrant lobby of this hotel I understood that my experience in this hotel would be great So for now lets go and see how are the rooms So let me show you the room tour now beacuse I have booked family suite over here so I got plenty of facilities here wether about this fridge which was stuffed alot with minibars obviously if you use them you have to pay apart from that there were kitchen appliances that you can use and kitchen facilities were also great wether its cutlery, more kitchen items or minibar everything you can use of your own this was the best thing Apart from that if you want utensils then they were just few here but I didn’t needed them because I was already carrying it along with me like paper plates et-cetera a presence of a good large desk was very important and good as along with my equipments I can edit my videos apart from that sitting area was huge which also had a large screen TV which was again a good one and overall from sitting facilities to 2 room makes it a perfect family suite on top of that along with this family suite there was a balcony which was fantastic to have where you can sit in the evening and enjoy these beautiful views So the room I have taken in Anantara Sathorn this is suite I have taken suite basically because I am travelling with family It is a two bedroom suite and in this suite there is a nice balcony from which you can see beautiful views so this is a considarable option so wether its about the facilities of room or the views from suite family suite is the perfect option So the rooms of family suite that were given to me were twin bed and working desk were in both rooms which was good and the best thing was that also while sleeping you can enjoy beautiful views apart from that the space of the room was OK Now let us see how is the bathroom The amentities provided in the bathroom were decent and all kind of amenties are provided here which is pretty good the second room of this suite was master bedroom so obviously the size was much bigger then the previous one and beacuse the building is round this room is in arc shape so again the bathroom was also arced and facilities were also like previous one apart from that safe was also available and bathroom amenities are the same and the good thing is it have a bath tub so this is the additional thing you get So this was family suite and the second category of room I stayed was premier room so lets go and see how is it the second category in Anantara Sathorn that is premier. now let me show you how are the premier rooms So the facilities of the premier room’s bathroom were same as the family suite apart from that amenities were the same and the size of the bathroom was also same the one thing that was better here then family suite was that the bathrooms here were more modernized In the premium room also you get same facilities as family suite here the minibar is in a small fridge because obviously requirement is more in family suite so the fridge is bigger apart from that all facilities are same overall the size of premium room is good so if you are travelling with your kids then also you can comfortably stay in this room So overall the facilities of premium room will not dissapoint you and again the best thing here is a balcony. So you will also get a balcony here if it is on higher floor or not it depends on the availabilty of rooms here So overall the rooms of Anantara are good. So overall I have stayed in Suite and I have covered the premier room today also to review too so again family suite and premier room’s amenties are same size is different and the rates are approximately with Indian currency inclusive of taxes of family suite is approximately 22,000 per night to 24,000 per night and premier room goes to 11,000 to 14,000 per night inclusive of all taxes does it worth it or not on the scale of 1 to 10 I will give it 8 I hope you liked the hotel review of Anantara Sathorn if you haven’t subscribed me then click the button down below and do subscribe me so that yu can watch the upcoming travel, food and shopping videos till then do take care and best wishes