Damn. The KIKA lounge. Complete relaxation, the whole night. With your chill-out coach: Bernd the Bread. Sorry, what!? The KIKA lounge. Complete relaxation, the whole night. With your chill-out coach: Bernd the Bread. Forget it! I surely won’t do the jumping bread here all night! Television without everything. The future… In the KIKA lounge! What ever! For – For – get – For – get – it! No! I don’t believe it! The old “go-out-of-one-side-and-come-back-in-the-other-side-stunt”? You can’t come up with something new either, no? You call it boredom; we call it better television. The KIKA lounge! Obviously not. Then at least switch off that plastic tootling! This is… …the KIKA lounge. Okay… the voice is on tape. And I also know why! So I don’t argue with them! All around are silly raffles… …but only here, there is… the KIKA lounge! This all just can’t be real! But not on my watch! I forgot! Damn. Even tho this stunt is already so old! The tried and trusted meets cutting edge and creates the unique chill-out mix Here… in the KIKA lounge. Tried and trusted… sure. And this unimaginative tootling is what’s new about this or what? Unbelievable! Why am I even saying anything? That’s like disagreeing with your satnav. Does this relax you? This… rubber bubbling… It bothers me. What keys does one have to press for such a tootling… …on the home organ from the bargain table? The DEMO key? Or is that one of these things they sell on home shopping? Next door? That one with the illuminating keys. Just as a precaution: This is not a light organ! That’s for learning how to play! Get it? Not a light organ, no. That’s for learning how to play on one of those… Who am I talking to anyways? That mean voice is on tape… and you don’t listen to me anyway! What ever… If anyone is looking for me… …I’ll lie down here now… …and wait until this nonsense is over. It’s too bright to sleep anyway. Television completely without casting shows… …only here in the KIKA lounge. And too loud! This is… …the KIKA lounge! This isn’t a lounge! This is hell! In white! And I don’t “chill”, I rest. Yes! And when I rest I memorise the pattern of my ingrain wallpaper! Complete relaxation, the whole night! With your chill-out coach: Bernd the Bread. I’m not a “chill-out coach”! I don’t even know what this “chill-out coach” does! Wow! Chill, chill! Man, we are chilled! Hey, so chilly here baby! In the house! You must immediately stop chilling and instead cleaning your living room because it looks a little dusty… …and the chips on the living room table are at least a year old, baby, yea! Why spend a million Euro next door with a single call if you could chill here for free? In the KIKA lounge! You’re really out of your minds! And you… you watch this nonsense as well. Why are you even still awake? It’s already at least… Hey! What time is it actually? Thanks. Pleasure! What!? This is the KIKA lounge. Has maybe anyone of you a watch? What am I saying… If you had one… …you wouldn’t still be sitting in front of the tube. Obviously… you don’t have a remote either. Or you’d at least switch channels. Or off. That’s it! You just switch channels! And… If no bastard watches this cheap chill-down-off-move-1000-uuh-mumble anymore… …then I can go home and quietly gaze upon my wall . So let’s go! Switch channels! Everyone! Now! Bye! See you later! Or not! Oh man. It was worth a try! The KIKA lounge: Chill out and drop off. Drop off!? What’s that supposed to mean now? Dripple downwards or what? If you must come up with super cool sayings, at least look up what they mean. Doesn’t matter, main point is it sounds relaxing. Have they just replied to me? This is the KIKA lounge. Forget it! You replied to me! Come on! Admit it! Talk with me! Okay… so… the KIKA lounge… Maybe… A little barren furnishing, isn’t it? Your lounge. Hey! Satnav guy! How about one of those ugly frosted glass la… Exactly. Costs as much as a compact car and makes as much light as a torchlight from an Yps magazine. What an effect! I hate… colourful. Neener-neener! All right. KIKA seeks the super-chill… …and found it! Here, in the KIKA lounge! Alright then. I give up. Very good! What? Nothing!