Hey I�m Justin Smilie, I�m the executive
chef of New Buco Alimentari E Vineria here in New York City. And today we�ll be demonstrating
the Berkel X13 Slicer. What we love about this slicer in the restaurant is that it�s
easy to use, the variability of slicing, how easy it is to clean, and it�s important
to us to have the best slicers because we cure all our own salumi in house, so the final
product is really what it comes down to with the Berkel. The first thing we�re gonna
slice today is some of our house cured salumi. The great thing about this slicer, is how
safe it is for all your employees to use, and how it actually kind of helps you line
up smaller cuts. And again, it�s all about versatility. Really smooth action and a consistent
even slice. Now take a look at this. Fantastic. So the next thing that we�re slicing right
now, I have to remove the safety fence. Let�s slice some lardo, which is the cured fatback
of the animal. What makes this machine so amazing is that is never really cooks the
fat, so you get smooth even slices every single time. The next piece of meat that we�re
going to do is the medium format Toscana. And what�s great about this is we have nice
even slices all the way through. And again, what makes this slicer great is the versatility
between large cuts and small cuts. Delicious. And with this slicer, sometimes you need an
extra hand in the kitchen, and the X13 kinda helps fulfill all those needs. So we can go
� loading the fence on again, for safety features � and then on. And I can be doing,
you know, other tasks while it�s doing all the work for me. And finally, we�ll do our
prosciutto dispala, which is the shoulder muscle of the animal, that�s cured in the
style of prosciutto. Every slice is even and thin. So now that we�ve sliced all of our
meat and we�ve sent out off our boards, you get to the nitty-gritty which is cleaning
the machine. Under, it has its own little kickstand, which is a great advancement. And
then in the machine itself on the worktable, there�s a very wide open architecture, which
makes it very easy to clean. Also really quick to wipe down controls. And what must be said
about the Berkel X13, is how easy it is to sharpen. You just add on, it�s super easy
to clip in, sharpening mechanism, and you�re ready to go and slice some more. And as we
demonstrated today with the Berkel X13, its ease of use, its ease of cleanliness, and
I think it will all show on the final plate. And there you have it � the Berkel X13.