Ciao. I’m Cesare Casella from Salumeria
Rosi in New York. I’m going to show you how to use the Berkel slicer to slice the
salami and prosciutto. Okay slicing with this machine for me is very natural because I grow
up in a place where my parents have a restaurant and they have a store where the only machine
that we have, we have to do by hand. So, it’s very easy for me. It’s important that you
treat very well the machine to make sure the machine give it back to you. Look at this
way, how, yeah perfecto – this slice. At the same time you slice, you need to go straight
with the same speed and the slice can be perfect. But the blade this way goes so slow. To work
with the Berkel, it’s not only because it’s beautiful, but it’s the best. You can find
when you slice your prosciutto, your salami –because you want the respect for your product,
that they deserve the best machine that you can find, to slice the perfect way. You want
to put in the middle and the meat pusher to go down and to keep as strong as possible.
And then you start to slice.