My name’s Benoît Nihant I make chocolate from cocoa beans The adventure of our chocolate-making business began in a garage at the back of my parents’ place. That’s where the first recipes of Benoît Nihant chocolatier were born My dream and My aim was to be able to produce chocolate directly from the bean What’s hard in my profession is finding cocoa beans of genuinely high quality 99% of the beans grown and harvested on our planet are for industrial use We look for something that is completely different The beans that we select are beans that have never been mixed with other types of beans They come from forgotten vines — wild vines, if you like The reason why we look for these special cacao plants is simply because they are native to the land Their specific feature is that they really do produce exceptional flavours of a kind almost forgotten today And from where they grow, right through to making the chocolate itself they are never mixed with the harvest from any other plantation We don’t seek out rareness for the sake of its rarity we look for things that have flavours that you won’t find anywhere else With each harvest, nature has worked its magic on the cacao plant and the bean will always taste a little bit different Each step of the process – roasting, conching and all of the other stages that go to make up manufacturing have to be redesigned and rethought based on the bean and its specific features at the time it arrives This is wonderful for us because with each harvest and each batch that arrives in our workshop we have to reconsider our recipe and the way we are going to transform the bean into chocolate It’s in that process where we really find the heart of our passion