This is Greg Bourdon from Direct Capital;
I would like to talk a little bit about financing for restaurant equipment. We finance for all
types of restaurant equipment both franchise and non-franchise restaurant equipment that
might be going to a grocery store, coolers, etc. We’ve got lots of different options,
lots of different payment terms to make sure the purchase for you is easy to get done and
you can get that equipment implemented quickly so that way you can stay up and running and
again what’s most important is taking care of customers. Direct Capital offers financing
for everything from pizza ovens to coolers to oven hoods etc. Everything you might need
for your kitchen support staff. We do fire suppression equipment, etc. A lot of these
things are things that most restaurant owners may not even realize or able to be financed. Of course everyone is adding the new POS systems we can finance those things as well. You know,
being able to process credit cards and being able to accept multiple forms of payment is
very important in today’s day and age a lot of people don’t even carry cash on them anymore.
So, if you’re thinking about a POS system upgrade, certainly something we want to be
able to help you out with. Your restaurant, you need a sign, Direct Capital can finance
signage that can go on your restaurant. We can finance your tables and chairs everything
you need so that your restaurant is up to date to make sure your customers are happy
and you can focus on providing a great experience for your diners.