Hello everyone! It’s a Monday morning, well,
it’s actually noon. This morning, pollution in Beijing is very low, which is pretty rare and, It’s a holiday, the mid-autumn festival, which means we didn’t go to class. So we’ll take advantage of this
opportunity to show you a little bit of this, our Beijing Normal University. This is the window The library And… let’s take
a walk around campus That’s Bill who’s going to be joining us today. Let’s get this
started. Do you come here every day? Not every day,
I probably should. It’s really cheap, like… so I’ve got a cup of grape juice, right, a scoop of rice,
a kind of tofu dish… Some kind of like chicken and potatoes, it’s a little bit spicy with some
vegetables, and then this piece of chicken… and all of this together, maybe like, umm…two bucks? Maybe
something like that, in US dollars…not even that more like a buck fifty, maybe. What’d you
get? Uhh…chicken, zucchini, rice, and eggs. It’s pretty good, too.