[dramatic music playing] [handcuffs clanking] Hey, good morning, Captain. Morning. Purto. Yes, sir. All right. Our main role is
gather intelligence. We’ll be bringing you up
to speed on our files. We have gang files
on every gang member here at the penitentiary. That’s our job, just to
know exactly what’s going on with not only the group, but the
individuals within that group. Yes, sir. Also we monitor inmate mail. Any type of criminal activity,
go ahead and make a copy of it, write a report on it,
and submit it to me. Yes, sir.
CAPT. SERGIO SAPIEN: OK All right. STIU’s unit that I would
like to join one day. Information on any
kind of gang related activity– it’s just fascinating
in that way to me, you know. So what we’re going to have
you now is check the mail. You know, last time we had
somebody go through the papers they had to sniff them. [chuckles] Had to sniff the papers. Uh-uh. That’s how you find the drugs. That’s how we found
them last time. Go through it, read it. Coded words– what
you’re looking for is any gang activity. Kites being sent out coded. Coded kites, anything like that. AARON PURTO: Yeah. And as well as any narcotics
or anything like that. OK. The main drug coming
in right now is suboxone. Suboxone is a strip,
it’s very small. It’s just really hard to detect. [paper rustling] They’ll take a
page, they’ll put the contraband inside
of it, and then they’ll put another paper on top of it. And then do it on there. It’s just a matter of
training the rookies on what these issues are
and how to find them. AARON PURTO (VOICEOVER):
STIU is very fascinating. You’re going more into an
investigative state of mind and tapping into the
psychological part of your personality. Every day these inmates
are thinking and planning new and different things. How they receive
narcotics, something that can be hidden easily,
or any kind of gang related activity. This is just a
routine love letter. There’s guys in Q pod. Q pod consists of the
S&M-er’s or the S. Once you open
letters like this, you kind of focus more
on the pictures first. And especially when there’s
heavy ink or real dark ink. See how when I go over
here, it’s just white. Here we go. Yeah. See the little orange
strips in there? Oh. [paper tearing] Looks like 10
strips in this one. Did you find something? Yeah, looks like
we got suboxone hit. You test it. Right. OK? We’ll see. Suboxone is made for
heroin addicts, right? Yes. Yeah. See the color on there? How it’s purple. That’s the positive indication. – Right.
– Good job. Perfect.
All right. Thank you, Captain. That’s 17 altogether
from the second page. Now that you found that, you
can further your investigation. You have access to the
phones and stuff like that. This inmate’s a
member of the S&M. See if you can actually hear
him asking who we can– anybody that’s on the
streets go send it in. – OK.
– Cool? All right. Perfect. That’s a good find. That’s a lot of money, man. It’s a win. It’s a W.