[dramatic music] ZACH CHAVEZ: It’s yard
right know, and these guys are coming out after lockdown. So we’ll see what’s going
to happen right now. These guys come out
to rec every day. They get an hour in the yard. In the yard, they’re
allowed to play basketball. They play handball,
they work out. Or they just communicate
with each other and just walk around in circles. Even though we know
there’s tension, we still have to give
them rec, due to the fact we don’t want them getting any
more aggravated inside the pod. If you just keep
them locked up, they start getting really
tense with each other and conflict may break out. Sometimes it’s about
managing all the threats and hoping for the best. These guys, if they’re
going to fight, they’re not just going
do a little mini fight. They’re going to fight. They’re going to go all out. So when [bleep] hits the fan,
stuff’s going to hit the fan. It’s going to go, and
it’s going to go big. [suspenseful music] We’re going to be watching them,
making sure nothing happens. Meanwhile, the tower is
looking over the entire yard. [suspenseful music] MAN (ON RADIO): We’re good. We have to write
everything that happens. In the tower, you’re
pretty much the eyes and ears of the facility. And you have to
monitor everything that goes in and out. Just make sure everyone’s doing
what they’re supposed to do. Inmates in the yard
now, I was told about an anonymous note that
was found in their unit, warning about a fight. So I need to keep my
eyes open for warning signs, body language, anything. MAN (ON RADIO): Now it’s
rockin’, don’t come a’knockin’. Yeah– ooh. MAN (ON RADIO): Yo, fight
control, we have a fight. [alarm blaring] [dramatic music] Go, go! [shouting] GUARD: Get down on the ground! [booming] [beep] Standby, we have
one on the way. It was pretty crazy to see
how fast they got there and how quickly they had
everything controlled. Before the riot, they
didn’t have procedures like this to stop the action. That’s why they weren’t able
to contain it when it started. If we didn’t learn
from our mistakes, I don’t what would
have happened today. Let’s go! Unfortunately, I can’t let
any civilian staff in there until that unit is secured. What happened?
What did you hear on the radio? What do you know about it? I believe the two inmates got
an assault incident out there. The assault was taken
down real quickly. Now we’re actually
just securing the yard. Hence why you guys can’t
meet up with your officer at this point in time. We’re doing a shakedown. We can’t assume the
fight is squashed. So we’re searching for anything
they can use to retaliate against each other. Hey, toss five real quick! [suspenseful music] A razor blade. What they do is they take these
razor blades off their razors. So technically, this is altered. This could be
considered a shank. But we’re just
going to take this and throw it in the trashcan. This guy will no longer have
this in his property anymore. It could have been
worse with the blade, if he would have wanted to go
out there and shank the guy. Obviously these were the guys
that know what it was about. I’m relieved we
were able to contain it and minimize the damage.