Go, go, go, go, go. We have a bunch of gangs here. They’re trying to make
a name for themselves. They’re told to do
something to get ranked in. You have to be ready. What’s going on? When Dad started to suit me
up with some big ass gear– It’s jumping into
cold water, seeing how it feels for the first time. Put ’em on. Yeah. Stack up. Stack up. OK? Right hand. Left hand. Right leg. Left leg. Pretty excited. A little nervous. Let’s go, guys. My mind’s going
100 miles an hour. What if I get hurt, or what if
this dude gets hurt next to me? [stomping] All right, guys. When it comes to
extraction team training, the element of surprise is key. You have to be on your toes. To dismantle these
organized prison gangs, it’s like poking a
snake with a stick. Things are going to get a
little bit more dangerous, and so we have to be
more prepared than ever. It was really fast paced. When we got in, I just see
the shield men jump up. They kind of just
made us go in blind. They were telling us
to cuff him to the bed. I was looking for the hooks. We only had one set of cuffs. Said we hurt his arm. He felt it in his back. You all right, cap? I don’t think anybody wants
to see anybody get hurt. Practice makes
perfect, I guess. All right, guys. Go ahead and go back,
and go to your cell. Thank you. I like learning new things,
and that was something I got to learn new today. Out of the ordinary. It wasn’t a walk in the park,
but once you make a mistake, it’s better just to
leave it behind you, and try to do more good
than you did bad that day.