If I see him on the
street, I’d walk up to him and punch him
straight in his face. [grunting] Something’s going to
happen, it’s going to happen. [shouting] The COs’ lives are in
danger because you never know if you’re going to come
in here and catch one of us in a bad mood. Everybody step back. Get off of me. Take him down. [bleep] Take him down. He was a California Sure o. He didn’t know there were
Barrios Aztecas in there. And they jumped him. They were trying to kill him. In this kind of
environment, you’re going to have negative results– period. You need to walk away. This is where I live. You know, I’m very Aryan. I love what I live for. Whoever watches
this can know it. 90% of the violence that these
rookie officers are going to be dealing with is gang violence. Subsequently, they’re going to
get caught up in that violence. Get on the ground. Turn around.
Turn around. Get on the ground. You got him. You got him. We represent ISIS in here. [whooping] There’s a really
good chance that things are going to go really
sour with the entire unit. [gunshots] When I showed up
in my unit, I was told that there was
a hit on my life with the California Sure os. I don’t think you
could ever be sure. It’s very scary. The gang members here
operate by their own set of rules, their own code
of ethics, their own laws. We govern ourselves. You hit me, my brother is
going to kill all you guys. And that’s just the way it is. I’ve been beaten. And I’ve seen a suicide. A couple murders. [shouting] I stabbed someone
and sliced them up. And I’ve stabbed other COs. [man screaming] You have to be on your toes. It’s just very, very, very,
very, very, dangerous. In prison, gangs are so
dangerous because their loyalty is fierce. That means that their con
games are more effective And that increases
the amount of drugs and contraband that they
can get on the inside. [busy signal] He thought he could
put his hands on me. Killed an officer? Yes. To control, send
the A-team responders. 10-32. 10-32. I don’t know if it’s that
predator/prey type of stuff. They just smell blood and they
just want to eat you know? Then you have a [bleep] issue. If I could smack you with
this book, I would do it. But watch. Get off your phone. You hang up my [bleep] phone
call, it’s going to be on. What are going to do? Cuff up. Stop resisting. He keeps resisting,
drop his ass. Go.
– I got him, bro. This probably is about
the most negative, dangerous environment a man or woman
could choose to be in, short of active combat theater. What up, man. [music playing] If you’re here long enough,
you’ll become a lot like us. [humming, snapping fingers]