One. Two. Three. That’s (bleep) awesome, dude. Oh (bleep) So beautiful. What do you think? It looks very different
then before. Oh my god. It’s beautiful.
It’s really amazing. It’s f(bleep)** bada**. A whole new look out here.
Wood railings. Seating in front. Suddenly it’s the kind of place where you don’t expect to
bring kids for a birthday party. It’s an adult bar. It’s a well needed fresh start
right there. Real happy. Who wants to see the inside? All right. Go ahead. Oh my god. Holy (bleep). Look at the stove. Holy (bleep). I got a sexy bar. I know. This is exciting. This is really,
really like blows my mind. This is a different place. This is the concept that we
should have started from the beginning. Look at the wall.
We not only changed the color, we changed the texture
of the walls. It creates warmth, intimacy. The Prohibition artwork
on the walls. Those are arrested bootleggers
that are around the room and of course the still. Now the still has two features
in it in addition to the smoke of the still we have
clear liquid running through it. Moonshine is clear. All of this was built
in 36 hours by Glose Guy Services,
a local company. Great job. Now I want you guys to look good
so no more crazy costumes. Oh.
Yes. Here you go guy.
Put that hat on. There you go man.
That is moonshine. This was about far more
than a bar to me. This was always
about a family. You guys fought so hard
for this. That means more than any bar
in the world Yes it does. And out of respect
for your family, there is one more thing
that has to be hung in this bar. A photograph of the family
that made this all happen. Go hang it any place you want,
we open in about an hour. Let’s go to work.
Congratulations. You guys ready to see
your new bar? One. Two. Three! Look how lit up it is inside. Yeah that’s bad ass. Bars on Bourbon Street suffer from the sameness
and to make this bar successful, I had to make it stand alone
in a crowd of 55 other bars in the immediate neighborhood. I think it’s great.
Everything catches you eye. I can’t wait to open it up and let these people
have a good time now. This bar is all about a guy
by the name of Edward Du Bois. Edward Du Bois actually lived
in this building, and he was a barber
and a philanthropist and a womanizer
and the legend has it that he was murdered
by a bunch of his mistresses that in fact that his ghost
is in that building. All right, go inside.
Take a look. Oh my lordy. It’s big back here. Not run into each other. This place is wow. Me too. This is better than
I could even imagine. What do you think guys? It looks great. Edward Du Bois was a barber
so this fits out concept. Somebody sits down.
Pour a shot and you watch how they line up to these shots
walking down the street. I bet you can sell a couple
hundred shot a night from here. You agree? I’m ready for it. The shot chair
is unbelievably cool. Twirl me. You walk by there, you see it. It makes you just want
to get in it. This is a key point, I called
my buddies at Fry Fabrication and they did
a complete workstation course. Now rather than facing this way
when people walk by, you face this way. It’s a much cleaner bar
back there. It’s a lot more efficient. We will be able to pump drinks
out as quickly as possible. That’s what it’s all
about on Bourbon Street. You gave me a challenge
to create the best cup, right? Right. Guys. Say hello. The Resurrection cocktail. Pow. Think of this baby walking down
Bourbon Street. I love it. You see that and you see blue,
suddenly we’re branded guys. Brand is that the best cup
on the street? Yeah it’s the best cup.
You see it coming. Spinach is that the best cup
on the street buddy? Yeah it’s the best. That cup has something
that no one else has. I’m happy with it, it’s gonna
make people go to the new bar. One. Two. Three. Holy. Cow. Oh my god. Wow. Oh my god. Unbelievable. Wow. Sick. Holy Cow.
Are you a serious? You guys ready Holy crap. Do a grass angel. It takes a lot to make me
speechless. I’m almost there. This past summer our best week
was a hundred thousand dollars. We thought we knew
what we were doing and we thought we had
a good handle on it but this is a better bar
and it’s our and it’s beautiful. When I got here, they saw
the homes that were gone but there was an American
in front that wasn’t destroyed. This is an incredibly
resilient community and I want to create
something special for this bar and here’s what we created. Rules are never
broken down here. This makes you feel like home
right here. It’s like a front porch. I just want to open like
I just really want to get people in the door.
Let people see it now. You have no idea how much
this means to all of us. I feel so blessed. I do. Let’s take a look inside. What do you think of those
frozen drink machine? Frosty factory gave me
that cocktail machine. Next I got big ass fans to give
us all the fans for in here. Let’s go see the kitchen. Oh my goodness. Oh my god. This is awesome. Look at this. Unbelievable. This is a Hoshizaki ice machine. Nobody makes the cubes
like this. Because it’s thin,
it has a lot of surface area, so it chills
the drink faster. Let me show you
what we did back here. We had to get everything
out of here then we had to put in
all new equipment. Look at it now. Holy cow. It’s so good. Very business. I love Tampa. I love Bar Rescue.
Thank you. Big Mike’s has been serving
people in this town since 1989. I couldn’t imagine
running a place that wasn’t called Big Mikes. I hope that they still
have our sign. Couldn’t change that sign,
could I? Does that sign pop or what? Absolutely. You can’t wait to go in can you? It’s killing me. Go. Oh my god. Oh my god. For the main dining area,
I put in a brand new floor, 13 tabletops, and 6 TVs. Oh my god. No way. We have two solid workstations,
to future POS systems. Brand new beer taps. We had USB ports installed
from Bar Juice. Four tabletops along the wall
and eight brand new TV’s. Look at this. Brand new Cisco
kitchen equipment. A brand new double batch pizza
oven and Turbo Chef technologies and then I got Manitowoc
ice machines to give you that first ever
of their new machine that makes that custom,
high-end ice now. Wow. To see it like this
is just phenomenal. You happy? Oh my gosh. I am speechless. That bar brought me to tears.
It feels like a brand new home. Being the biggest rescue ever, this remodel came down
to the wire. I had to get
the entire playground done. Finished painting.
Rake the baseball field and put the final touches
on the bar in a matter of hours. Now it’s time to see
the people’s reaction to the remodel heart
of their community. What a week this has been.
This is a community center. Kids play here.
The community meets here. It’s an important part of Luisa. We wanted to make certain
that Luisa had pride again and a place
where people could come and put these hurricanes
behind us. One. Two. Three! Wow. This is great. This is like wow. New fence. Fixed the playground
for the kids and their families. We created a whole new inside
with seating. We also fixed
the basketball court. Everything you need for families
to come back and be in a center
of the community again. There’s one more thing
I want to show you guys. Let’s go over this way. Baseball is very important here.
See kids play here. It’s very important
so not only did we want to fix the field,
we fixed all the lights so that we can play night
baseball again. Whoa.
*speaks Spanish. That is hot. You got your bar back. Oh my goodness.
*speaks Spanish. I see a carajo and I
almost passed out. We never knew that we were
going to come out of this and now look at it. Okay. You all can come in.