(Missi Bush-Sawtelle) We’re so fortunate to be here today with employees of Clif Bar. We need more corporations like they are that
see the worth in reforesting Indiana with these wonderful trees. (David Tintelnot) So, at Clif it’s important for us to give back to the community. So this is one of our days of community service. But, we also like taking care of the planet
so when this opportunity came to plant trees here, and give back, and we thought it was a great opportunity. A little farther. There you go. Pull it back, and forward. (Jeremiah Caplinger) One of our core aspirations is really to give back to the community. So we all volunteer and step forward as much
as we can throughout the year. It’s paid time for us to come out here and
help. And we also do a lot non-paid time. It’s really part of who we are and what we
stand for and we really believe in making the planet a better place for the next generation. (Jack Siefert) We have about 4,000 trees to plant. I heard Dan say you were hoping to get a 1,000. Well you got to get 2,000 before lunch and
2,000 after lunch. It’s sort of the incentive. (Michel Spalding) This project planted northern red oak, white oak and black walnut trees on this site. These species are particularly important because
they are difficult to regenerate naturally. And so by supplementing the landscape with
these trees we’re going to ensure that these ecologically important trees remain on the
landscape for a longer term. Stay straight. Yes. That’s your point of reference. Got it so you’re going this way. Yes, you’re going that way. (Bush-Sawtelle) It’s amazing the amount of work that they’re able to accomplish just within an hour and a half. They’ve already planted so many trees that
in a few years will just be a wonderful sight to drive by and see. (Caplinger) For me it’s about building a better future
for my daughters. Really give them something for when the get
to my age for them to come out here and enjoy with their kids. (Bush-Sawtelle) To bring this many young people
out here, or just people in general, that see the worth in reforesting Indiana it’s
just an amazing partnership with DNR, the Natural Resources Foundation and Clif Bar. We need more corporations like Clif Bar.