Joe: Hey guys, it’s Joe from Mattress Clarity. Today I’m going to be doing another review. We have the Hybrid mattress from Bear. I’m going to be running it through a number
of tests today. I’m going to be telling you what I like about
it, what I don’t like about it. Basically, by the end of the video, you’re
going to know if it’s the right fit for you. Stay tuned. [music] Joe: A quick overview. Before that, I’d just like to say if you have
any specific questions or if you’d even like me to give you a personal recommendation,
definitely just leave a comment below. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. We have the Bear Hybrid. I enjoyed the original Bear mattress. It had some unique qualities that I really
enjoyed. This is much thicker. It incorporates proprietary performance foam,
gel memory foam, standard polyfoam and micro coils. It’s a very interesting combination of layers. I was excited to jump in, give it a try and
see how it compared to that original Bear mattress. Let’s talk about the construction here, starting
with the cover. Woven into the fabric is something called
Celliant. There are some credible studies that show
this actually helps with recovery and blood circulation. If you’re an athlete, this is going to be
a potential benefit for you. Quilted into the cover is two inches of super
soft polyfoam. It’s definitely very soft. It gives in pretty much immediately. It gives a nice pillow-top feel to the mattress. Underneath that, is a proprietary latex-like
foam. They call it performance foam. You can see how it reacts. It basically responds immediately to pressure. It has pretty good pressure release. You’re not going to have that getting stuck
feeling. Underneath that, it’s gel memory foam. That’s going to help dissipate heat and deep
down pressure relief as well. Underneath that, you can’t really tell here,
but there’s a layer of individually encased micro coils. That’s going to help with air flow, with contouring,
and motion isolation as well. Then, below that, it’s a foundational base
polyfoam. Overall, it has a nice pretty luxurious feel. Kind of a pillow-top feel with what’s quilted
into the cover. You won’t get the feeling of getting stuck
like you do with some memory foam mattresses. It’s going to sleep cool, as well. You’ve got micro coils, which allows air to
flow through and gel-infused memory foam. Overall, it’s good pressure relief without
the feeling of getting stuck. It should have pretty good motion isolation,
great support as well. That’s the overall feel of the mattress. Let’s talk about firmness and feel. As far as firmness is concerned, this is about
a 6.5, 7 out of 10 firmness. A couple of things to note, the top two inches,
this quilted cover is very soft. They call it super soft foam. It immediately gives in. It’s definitely quite soft. Then there’s a much firmer layer underneath
it. It’s a combination of this very soft top layer
and much firmer layer underneath it. I think it’ll range about 6.5 out of 10. Some people may disagree with that. Overall, the feel is like a traditional spring
mattress, like a pillow-top feel. Again, you’ve got this very soft top two inches. You’re going to sink in a little bit, but
not too much. It has a cradling effect. For that reason, you have some bounce to it. It’s pretty easy to move around. You won’t ever feel like you get stuck. Overall, I think it has a pretty nice feel. I’m going to talk through how I feel in different
sleeping positions. If I come down on my back, the first thing
I notice is it has a nice luxurious feel. You’ve got tufting. This quilted cover with two inches of super
soft foam. Your hips are going to sink through that. Then the layer beneath it will hold you up. I definitely feel properly supported. I can feel the foam reaching into the lumbar
area of my lower back. When I’m on my back, I think it’s a very nice
feel where you sink in a little bit, but not too much, that happy medium. I feel very supported on my back. If I come on my side now, I do feel good pressure
relief. The quilted cover is very nice and luxurious. I don’t feel too much pressure on my side. The only thing I would note is that I’m 160
pounds. If you weigh a lot more, you might immediately
press through that quilted cover and go to a firmer layer beneath that. You might feel a little bit more firmness
if you’re on your side, in my opinion. That’s why I’m bringing in one member of my
team, Martin. He’s much heavier than I am to describe exactly
how he feels. When I come on to my stomach, I share the
same thoughts as I have on my back. I don’t feel like I sink in too much. My hips will press through the quilted layer,
then be held up after that. I think I’m properly supported when I’m on
my stomach. Martin: Hey guys! It’s Martin here to offer a different perspective
on the Bear mattress. I am 6’7″, 230 pounds, definitely bigger than
Joe. I have a little bit of a different experience
on my side. I pressed right through to that lower layer. I felt it more of an 8 out of 10. On my back, though, on my stomach, I did feel
really good support. If you’re my size and a back or stomach sleeper,
this might be good for you. Joe: I’m going to give you a visual representation
of where you might feel pressure. I’m going to lie down on this pressure map
on my back, stomach, and side. You’re going to see pressure ranging from
no pressure blue to red high pressure. [music] Joe: Let’s talk about motion isolation which
is important if you sleep with a partner. You want to know if they move around, are
you going to be disturbed on your side of the bed. Does their motion transfer over to you? I’m going to run a quick test here. I’ve got this cup. I’m going to roll around next to it. You can see that the cup is not really getting
disturbed very much. I feel the motion isolation is pretty good
with this mattress. What about edge support? Edge support matters if you sleep with a partner
or just want to utilize the full surface area of the bed. In this particular case, I’m sitting on the
edge. I feel I could tie my shoes pretty easily. If I lie down near the edge, I don’t necessarily
feel I’m going to be thrown off the bed. I would say the edge support is maybe just
a little bit better than average. We’re going to talk about some of the pros
or who I think this might be a good fit for. This has a nice, very luxurious feel. The tufting, the cover is very nice. It has nice cradling effect. It really feels like a luxury mattress. If you have had success with traditional spring
mattresses, that’s the general type of feel that you have here. I think you’d be right at home with this type
of mattress. I also think this is good for a combination
sleeper. If you switch between side, back and stomach,
it’s that medium firmness range — 6.5, 7 or so for me. I felt supported on my back. I even felt pretty good pressure relief on
my sides. It’s a good happy medium. It should be good for different types of sleepers. Then there’s some extra bells and whistles. You have the Celliant cover. I would encourage you to check out the research
behind that. It could have some good benefits for athletes. There’s a lot of pros in this mattress. We’ll go over some potential cons or who this
might not be a good fit for. When I’m on my side, I feel nice pressure
relief because of the very soft two inches of the quilted cover. I think if you’re much heavier than I am and
you just sleep on your side, you’re going to push through that pretty quickly and hit
the firmer layer underneath it. I think you might feel it’s a little bit firmer
than I would. If you’re heavier and just a side sleeper,
that’s something to note. It’s a very particular type of feel. Again, if you’ve had success with traditional
spring mattresses, that’s the type of feel you get here. If you are looking for something like you’ve
had success with memory foam, for example, where you slowly sink into the mattress, that’s
a different feel from what you get here. I just want to make it clear the exact type
of feel you’re getting. If you’ve had success with memory foam or
something like natural latex with a very bouncy sleeping surface, that’s not the feel that
you’re going to get here. Just a recap, I think the Bear Hybrid can
be a great fit for the right type of person. It really does have a luxurious feel, a really
nice cradling effect. It’s similar to the spring pillow-top mattresses
you’d see at luxury hotels. I think it’s a great fit for combination sleepers. It’s a happy medium firmness. I felt pretty good pressure relief on my shoulders
when I’m on my side. I still felt properly supported on my stomach
and back. I would caution you if you’re much heavier
than I am, you might feel a little bit more firmness if you’re on your side. I think it can be a great fit for lots of
people. If you’re just getting started with your research,
we have tons of reviews on our website. Just google Mattress Clarity reviews. It’ll be the first result. Certainly, let me know if you have any questions. [music]