[Shena] I’m a barista at Beans Coffee Bar.
I do the cash register in the morning and in the afternoon I make the drinks.
I’ve been doing a professional job out the drinks. I’ve been doing the cash register which
is more energetic and I need to talk with customers and interact with people and
it’s just really fun to be working here. I love this job more than
anything! [Diane Westlake] I’ve been working at Productive Alternatives as a job coach
with Shena since she started working. One of the best parts of being a job
coach is being able to watch your client progress. That’s just been the
best part; to watch that come about. Doing a good job, Shena! [Brittany Boeddeker] They approached us looking for a place for someone who their dream job was to work at a coffee
shop. Shena came and interviewed and just kind of fell right into step and it’s
really cool to be a part of making someone’s dreams come true. She lights up
the front counter and our customers love her! We love having
Shena here! [Shena] I like about this job is the people that are nice and with their friendly smiles. [Customer]
And you get a pat on the back, you know, just wanting to make sure that
we’re taken care of and happy. She’s a wonderful!
[Shena] I have special ladies that come on Tuesdays and … [Customer] She always says “Welcome,
Sweet Ladies” when we walk in. [Customer] She’s just amazing! [Shena] It’s been my dream job forever and I want to
keep this dream and live my good life! [end music]