Hitch-hiking from one luxury hotel
to another is probably not the average traveler’s
budgets strategy But our original mistake fair plan
wasn’t really panning out A mistake rare is basically anytime
something messes up in the pricing process of a flight or hotel in a beneficial way We flew to Germany to take advantage of a
few these mistakes that were scattered around the country the first one was great The second mistake fair was in an
industrial park way outside of town so we ditched the
mistake your plan and used it as an excuse to see our dream hotel. so we just left the InterContinental and we’re gonna hitch-hike our way to someplace Bavaria. It’s supposed to be two and a half some hours by car and unfortunately the only way by train is to
route through Munich and so it takes like four and a half
hours so we thought we’d see how quickly we can hitch-hike. So he ordered truck-loads of pudding because he decided that the miles were worth more than the pudding. like the miles would be worth a few dollars to him and the pudding was like, a few cents. Uh we’re Innsbruck Austria We accidentally hitch-hiked here which is fine, we
had good time and we left our friends Our Swedish friends. And there are only two points
earning hotels, I believe which is the Accor which is by the train station, which is just where we got dropped off and it’s fully booked, and the Hilton. After hours of hitch-hiking, we finally made it to our plan B. Our friend’s friend was waiting for us.