Good morning, guys! wanna jump into the pool without make up on so I put my sunnies on woo so cold, but so refreshing, it’s waking me up hello guys, morning I’m having morning floating breakfast in the middle of Ubud jungle listen the sound of the bugs the sound of the wildlife animals wow the vibes is really nice, very relaxing jungle view, there’s a river down there if you go down hill from the resort there’s a river the ambience is really nice so peaceful, I don’t want to make a noise and early morning like this I have to keep my voice in minimum but here’s the cute floating breakfast the view and the ambience here’s so silent and peaceful so relaxing ok guys I want to eat I’m starving I really like this, there’s dragon fruit, banana and granola dried one and this is what I like the most dried coconut flakes usually at the vegan store I only can find the dried-white coconut flakes but this one is roasted so good and crunchy hmm and homemade also and here’s the omelette bacon, avocado, tomato potato and the bread is so delish, I tried it yesterday it’s simple but it’s very good with some seeds on it, it doesn’t taste plain they probably put some ingredients and some pastries, croissant-danish danish roll and coffee is Balinese coffee of course when in Bali, so I asked for Balinese black coffee can make a latte later and some fresh fruits, orange juice ok let’s eat some breakfast, floating breakfast waa so full after eating the floating breakfast the menu is vary and big portion too time to burn some calories swimming, working out and go back to the room for a room tour video today’s tea time I asked for some coffee cause it’s chill here gloomy and rainy day, feel so sleepy so I asked for coffee there were some yummy desserts yesterday some Chinese snacks today some siumay, spring rolls but it’s okay it’s only for snacking I’ll order some food later in the evening it’s raining here everyday but that’s fine I think it’s nicer when it’s raining in Ubud it feels cooler it feels more it’s so chilling feels so green it really feels cooler I think I prefer quite places than crowded places or like going to the malls I prefer more exclusive places with less people it gives me headache going to crowded places I prefer meditation places, detox places more like private holiday I’ll bring you guys to explore I wanna show you guys this amazing private pool villa it’s before dinner time I wanna go swim cause if you go swim after eating you’ll likely feel bloated so I’ll go swim for a bit I think I’ll order room service later from the restaurant for dinner I ordered grilled beef & chicken satay with sauteed veggies and peyek chips, wii so Indo and I ordered Balinese grilled fish and the fish is so aromatic it has stuffing inside with spices and chilis on the top I pairing it with local Bali brand red wine and surprisingly it’s very good not less compare to import wines ok guys it’s late at night I’ll prepare to sleep i’ll wake up very early tomorrow I wanna show you guys how pretty is morning view in Ubud looks like good night for today’s breakfast I wanna have it at the villa cause I wanna have something different from the usual and the staffs bringing all the food to the villa’s terrace balcony wow thumbs up for very nice hospitality guys breakfast time guys wow the food looks good ya? it’s the perfect way to start your day with healthy breakfast let’s start the day with a good cup of coffee and this Balinese coffee, hmm coffee time guys I asked for Western style breakfast with omelette, salad and of course my fav fried bacon! I asked for this granola bowl everyday here their roasted coconut flakes tho! let’s eat guys for breakfast you can have it either at the villa or at the restaurant I think both is equally great you can have breakfast with a view at the restaurant look at the view, amazing right rainy days in Ubud, but I don’t mind guys during staycation like this it feels more homey and cooler right ok guys, that’s all for today’s video see you on my next videos don’t forget to subscribe, like, comment, share to my Youtube channel, ciao!