successful restaurant manager,
Tiffany Hutchinson
decided to start
her own business.
And opened City Bistro.I wanted to be
my own boss. I worked at a fine dining
restaurant for 18 years, So I thought I would be able
to handle running a bar.And after dropping
every bit of money
that I had saved up
into it,I was able
to get it open.
In its first year,
City Bistro experienced
moderate success.
The best month
that we ever had
was 14,000,which paid the bills
and it paid the overhead.
But we weren’t
making a profit.
In order to grow
her customer base,
Tiffany brought in
new bartenders
known for their followings
in the St. Louis bar scene.
Someone approached me
and said they hadtheir own little waysto bring in
their own customers.
It totally took me
by surprise.Whenever I saw
them bartend
and what they did
to make money.
Hey, what’s up? ( giggles ) Bartender:
We have followers,
wherever we go,
they’ll follow.They’re there
to support me.
And see a boob.( laughing )
– Man: Aw, yeah. ( whining ) Woman:
Woo! Titties!
People are coming in here
because we show our boobs. And because we act crazy
and we drink with themand act promiscuous.Woman:
The first couple months,
business was very good.So I kinda would just
turn my head to it
and ignore the problem. They just keep
popping out. Announcer:
As Tiffany continued
to look the other way,
Her staff became
more out of control.
That’s what she does.
( laughing )
It became the norm, because it was helping
pay the bills. Announcer:
But the plan backfired
when their unprofessional
drove many
of the desired customers away.
The females and the couples
and the younger crowdstarted to kind of
dwindle out.
I would never go
to a bar where the bartenders
expose themselves. Business is horrible
right now, It’s bad.
It’s terrible. If the bartender’s
walking around half nakedyou’re just gonna
get the men
that wanna come in
and see things.
And I don’t have
to pull my boobs out
to make my money. It’s a small butt,
but it’s a cute butt. I feel very trapped, I feel like if I get rid
of all of those bartenders, I would not have
any customers. Announcer:Now, Tiffany
is $300,000 in debt
and City Bistro
is only two months away
from being a total bust.Women:
It would crush me
if we had to close
the doors.I have two daughters
and I would fail them
if this place shut down, because I would have
no means of taking care
of my kids. I feel like
I fail them every day. Announcer:
Worried her business
could be gone in a flash,
Tiffany has a agreed
to pull back the doors,
bust open the books
and make
a call for help…
to “Bar Rescue.”Opa!