they think they’ve got this screwdriver and then you’ll hear them saying this is really weak and I’m thinking you better believe is weak there’s alcohol in it my name is Augusta Gayle and I have been bartending on and off for seven plus years now hey I’m Kim Montgomery jr. I’ve been a bartender since 1998 but my bartending has been a little different from everybody else’s because I have always got into the homes of the big billionaires in the world I have to be very honest with you if I find them attractive I make it strong if they’re really polite about it if they’re regulars I’m more apt to you know give them a little extra otherwise I usually charge them and then I pour my other shots the best way to get a free drink out of me is to be nice to me just be really nice it depends on the bar to some bars are cool with you giving away alcohol some of the mark a lot of times yeah you have a comp tab which is maybe twenty-five to fifty dollars where you can bring in drinks that the bar and management cop at the end of the night that you’ve given off the regulars or people who come in and are really nice and you want to have come back to the bar the only way to really get them though is if I think you look good and you come across pretty nice what the hell I’ll pour you a couple drinks sometimes people come to the bar they’ll have an ID that says twenty I don’t really think so so I tell those kind of people regardless but they order you know what let me make you a specialty drink I used to have a bottle with clear liquid which they thought was maca because it was in a vodka bottle it really was just water with a little orange juice whatever they think they’ve got this screwdriver and then you hear them saying this is really weak I’m thinking you better believe is weak there’s alcohol in it the only time I’d really secretly give someone a non-alcoholic drink is they were just far far too drunk sometimes you can get away with making like a soda water with like some lime and being like here you go here’s your tequila soda but usually I try to just cut people off and be straight with one drink in particular the Bloody Mary that drink is the drink that I found people would be like very picky you know do you have Tabasco do you have this kind of pepper do you have this Adi here mojitos are getting worse no one likes to muddle muddling is where you take fresh herbs or fruit they get a mojito it’s gonna be mint and simple syrup and you muddle it with this big stick that you like crush the mint with and you get the flavors out and everything and honestly they’re really not that hard it’s just become like a bartender thing to hate mojitos another drink that people are very very particular about is an old fashioned if they’re an older person they know specifically what they want so I would just say you know what I don’t have this I don’t have that and that would be the end of that I enjoy making craft cocktails so I don’t mind really making elaborate drinks again it kind of depends on the day if you’ve made like 18 really elaborate drinks in a row sometimes she was like oh my god please don’t order another one but such as the life of a bartender my biggest customer pet piece is sir can I have a drink oh man people who don’t pay just why you take credit cards and you start a tab any number of times I’d turn around and go no and getting right back to the next person I had that’s just rude sir sort of a pet peeve sort of entertaining is when people get really drunk and just start pretty much fornicating on your bar and you’re like no please I don’t want to see this like I’m happy for you but maybe you know take this somewhere else where the rest of my bar patrons don’t have to watch you making out and grow pink I love bartending I genuinely find joy in the human element the joy that I found in it was eavesdropping I’m also a writer so a lot of the interactions I have find their ways into like my stories you see people at their weirdest their most vulnerable their messiest their worst in their best and there’s something really beautiful about that and you get to kind of take it all in and facilitate it as the bartender one of my favorite favorite stories is I met this home of very very very famous what is he he’s a music manager at the end of the night all the guests go except for about four or five and he asked me could you just go into my bedroom and hold a bottle of champagne I go in I hold this bottle of champagne who walks into the bedroom first but the my life when I was 13 Farrah Fawcett she comes in she lies across the bed her best friend comes in all night it’s just me pouring champagne as they laugh and talk and I kept thinking should I tell her how much I used to live when I was 13 but I didn’t I didn’t want to freak her out but I was in the bedroom with Farrah Fawcett pouring champagne you don’t know it’s anyone out there who is going to a bar goes to a bar and could to your bartenders a lot of us really love what we do and you guys are the reason why so come in and be nice and we’ll be nice to you and maybe give you free stuff [Music] you [Music]