I want you to go in, buddy. I want you to sit
at a table. A big table. I want you to order
one of every pizza. – Okay.
– That’s about 11 pizzas. We’re gonna slam
the kitchen. This grill’s probably
gonna overcook all these ( bleep ) burgers. And then I’d love
to send you in and do your magic
on all of them. Oh, yeah. I’ll put them
all through the ringer, give them a fair test.
I’d love to see it. Let’s see what they got,
Frankie, all right? Go in, order one
of everything, buddy. – Let’s put ’em
under some pressure.
– See what they got. Narrator:
Frankie Borrelli
of Barstool Sports
enters Gil & Rick’s,a 2,000-square-foot
sports bar
including a 1,000-square-foot
pizza kitchen
with only one working oven.– I’m just a cheese freak, man.
– I am, too. I mean, I’ll go constipated
for three weeks eating cheese. – I don’t care.
– …the damn cheese. Give me some
good cheese, man. Just give me some good cheese. Jon:
There goes Gil.
Nobody’s taking his order.Look how frustrated
he’s getting.
He has a menu in his hand.Hello?( cheering ) Oh, yeah, hey! He wants to order a pizza. All right, guy.
What kind of pizza for you? All right, so, I actually wanna do one
of everything. So we’re going to go
one of every pizza here. – One of all pizzas for you?
– One of all the pizzas, yeah. – One of everything?
– Yeah. – That’s how much
I want these pizzas.
– Michael: Gotcha, gotcha. And also can you add
a Stromboli and a calzone? ‘Cause I’m a New York guy. – Gotcha, gotcha.
– All right. – I’ll come back
for you, all right?
– Thank you. Let’s see how Taz handles
the sanitation,how he handles his arm.– Put him under pressure.
– Got a big order coming in. – Oh, boy.
– One of every pizza, medium, and then a Stromboli
and a calzone. – A what?
– One of every pizza, medium, and then a Stromboli
and a calzone. You ( bleep ) kidding me? – No. No, I’m being serious.
– You’re kidding me, right? –Pretty sure.
– Taz:Oh, you ( bleep ).If you have a popular
pizza place, guess what.
Ten pizzas isn’t that crazy. You’re gonna have
ten different people in there
ordering pizzas at once. So this is a guy
who’s pissed off – that he actually
has to work.
– Yeah. Who’s waiting on the kid
that ordered the big– – all the pie orders?
– Oh, I guess me. He needs to prepay
or something. – Prepay?
– Rick:I’m just saying.– Want me to have him prepay?
– Yeah, I want you to say, “Here’s– Ring it up.” Prepay? What, he’s gonna run out
of here with the pizzas? Uh, so we got
the check here just ’cause it’s a large,
large order for you. Wanna make sure you ain’t
going nowhere or nothing. They’re making it seem
like he’s robbing this place.How uncomfortable
can you make somebody?
That is a terrible
business practice.
He’s gotta read the menu.Dave:It’s like he doesn’t
know his own menu.
– You know there’s a cheese.
– Yeah. – You know there’s a pepperoni.
– Yep. You know there’s a sausage. Gonna be a quite
a few ( bleep ) minutes. Last one! Last one.
Last one for me. – Last one for me.
– Jon:As you can see,Rick’s aggressively
helping in the kitchen making sure that
these 11 pizzas are
flawless for us, Dave! Dookie, dookie,
dookie, buckaroo!Rick is really committedto the success
of his business. – Here’s one.
– Yes. – All right, that’s a supreme.
– It’s a supreme. Hey, guys,
do you want a slice of pizza? I’m not gonna be able
to finish the whole thing. – Thanks, dude.
– No problem. ( bleep ) ridiculous. Four goddamn tickets
back there and he’s dying. Which one is this
for the ( bleep )? – ( muttering )
– ( laughs )– That’s the veggie.
– That’s the veggie.
This is
the ( bleep ) veggie. – ( bleep ) veggie.
– That’s the ( bleep ) veggie. Guy comes in,
spends more money than
anybody else in their bar, is smiling and getting
along with the customers,
giving out pizza. This guy is the best thing
he’s got going for him, and he calls Frankie
an ( bleep ). Putting money
in his pocket. Unreal. Here you go. – Which one is this one?
– That’s the veggie. – The garden veggie.
– Veggie, all right. We got an oven down,
that’s why we’re
a little slow, but we’ll keep ’em coming. How are the ones
you got so far? I gotta be honest,
the people behind me, you know,
they like the crust, but I wasn’t a big fan.
I gave it to them. – All right, all right.
– Why don’t you go
and sit next to Frankie, try some of these,
and I’ll come in and meet
you in a few minutes? I wanna give you
some time to check ’em out – and come up
with your own opinion.
– All right, perfect. When I sent Frankie in
to order 11 pizzas, I knew there was no way
they were gonna achieve it.But when I really
understand failure,
I can find the path success. But sometimes
failure is so deep, it’s astonishing. This is horrible. The supreme’s horrible. – I had one.
– Super doughy. These are wildly doughy. There’s more dough
than anything else. Wanna talk about grease?
Look at this. Oh, boy. I mean, this beer stinks.
Flat at this point. Someone over here
said it was flat, too. Gil: I’m hearing the one guy
with the beer talking
a bunch of ( bleep ). So I’m gonna stay over here,
’cause if I go over there, I’m gonna slap him right
in the goddamn teeth. I don’t care
who the ( bleep ) he is. That’s– That’s the most
disgusting thing I’ve ever eaten
in my whole life. I wanna try this one
with those guys and see what’s going on here. Hi, this is Jon Taffer. Click
here to subscribe to Paramount Network on YouTube for
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