Bar’s Products International Quality Automotive Solutions since 1947 For over 70 years, Bar’s Leaks has been one of the most trusted names for automotive care Bar’s provides specially formulated products for the entire lifetime of your vehicle whether you are looking for preventative care or a quick pour in solution, you can
keep your vehicle running smoothly with Bar’s As an easy pour in solution bars
quickly put your vehicle back on the road Including a bottle of Bar’s in your
emergency roadside kit is an easy and affordable solution that keeps you
moving A worldwide leader in preventative care,
Bar’s Leaks is the only OEM stop leak factory installed in many new vehicles
made in the USA and internationally With over 30 products, Bar’s offers a stop leak for every leak In addition, Bar’s offers a variety of quality automotive products for the entire lifetime of your vehicle Our goal at Bar’s Products International
is simple, excellent product quality and customer service We’re committed to finding solutions by collaborating with automotive experts and chemical
engineers and partnering with international distributors that have the
finest reputation for quality and service With trademarks in over 50 countries
Bar’s serves the world Join us today as a distributor or find us at your local
automotive store Bar’s Group – Raising the Bar’s globally