Those votes have now been counted
and verified. Only one of these eight acts
can win a place in the final. First of all, we’re going
to announce the three acts that received the most votes. If you hear your name,
please take your place on the stage. Good luck, everybody! Here we go. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE In no particular order, the first act in the top three is… AUDIENCE SHOUT NAMES Collabro! ERUPTIVE CHEERING AND APPLAUSE The second act in the top three
tonight is… Alex Magala! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE And the third act
in the top three is… AUDIENCE SHOUT NAMES Bars and Melody! ERUPTIVE CHEERING Now, for the rest of you,
you’ve all performed like champions. We’ve absolutely loved having
each and every one of you here. Let’s hear it one more time for all
of tonight’s incredible talent! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE
Thanks, guys. It’s time to find out which act
has received the most votes and won a place in the final. First up, we will reveal
the act in third place. DRAMATIC MUSIC The third-place act in Britain’s Got Talent:
The Champions is… Collabro! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Nice, well done. Let’s hear it one more time, they’ve been brilliant,
for Collabro! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE OK, this is it, then.
Alex Magala and Bars and Melody. You are the two acts
with the most votes. But only one of you can leave here
with a place in our final. Good luck to both of you. The winner of tonight’s votes,
going through to the final is… Bars and Melody! ERUPTIVE CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Have a chat with Dec. Let me just get
your initial reaction. How do you feel? I just want to say, I really didn’t think
we would win that. Thank you guys so much.
Bro, you’re incredible. And I love you. I love you guys, I love you guys,
the nation, and everyone here. Thank you so much.
Thank you so much.Thank you guys. One more time, everybody.
Alex Magala. Well done, Alex. Let’s welcome back our
golden buzzer, Twist and Pulse. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE And that is it from us, but we’ll be
back next week for the big one, the final of Britain’s Got Talent:
The Champions! We’ll see you all then. Thanks for
watching at home, we’ve enjoyed it. Subtitles by TVT