and that’s not a joke bro what do know stop this boom oh no dude I can’t handle a Oh what no today that’s actually belt bad okay see this one too okay I don’t like that my name is why bars and melody and today we’re gonna do some magic do you know playing cards yeah I loved playing cards can you shuffle okay yeah he can shuffle yeah that’s really good shuffle that’s very good that’s the same way my grandma shuffles so I want you to take the deck yeah and remove the card from the deck but before you do that go through and remove it so I won’t see okay before that I have the card from another deck I’m gonna place it on the table what if the card that you randomly pick from the deck would match this card that would be crazy right then I would say there’s a mirror yeah yeah you’re right that would be crazy can you place the cart what is the college yeah okay okay it’s just uh I was kind of close because I was King but the heart is the same yeah so it still works right yeah oh you’re so kind yeah we started with the fire so if I made a mistake yeah wait nah nah bro i watch how much seven seven Wow that’s how you fix mistakes just by burning stuff yes okay I’m gonna take that into my life by burning it I have a really embarrassing story with you when I was watching the video I realized that I was drawing something on a piece of paper somehow they set on fire and when they set on fire the only thing that was close it was a coffee so I pulled the coffee and I realized that maybe means something I have this an envelope and I laminated this policy for the finale okay I want to try experiment with magic with mine so you did quite a lot of covers so I want you to both of you without consulting have one cover in mind okay don’t tell me what’s the name of the song but tell me because the songs like yours the title of the song is how many words one word and yours just a title over to towards okay so it’s different songs right but to make it random and you write songs so you should be appreciating how random this will be I want you both to think of the first line in the song that you thought of okay can you remember yeah yeah okay and right now I want you from the first line I want you to select one word but I don’t want it to be simple where like I or whatever because this is like but go for like a complicated like longer than let’s say six letters are do you have both longer than six letters you can count but I don’t know Kate what mine is okay it is mine six letters – six letters yeah you have six letters it’s not long with a long word okay both Longworth okay guys can you hold my hand yeah you making us nervous sweaty palms the count of three I want you to say your words aloud only out at three okay love okay the word that the word that you have in your mind the longer one two three shadow no no what no no no no no no no no no no no I don’t like it take me home what what nah bro you’re a Turkish like no no I’m not in on this bro what bro I dude dude what song can you tell me which cover he was thinking of yes is it over yes lucid dreams dream and what is the lyrics mine was faded you were the shed dude it’s not even dude what the hell bro I need a coffee I don’t drink coffee and I need a coffee that’s mad bro okay yeah I’ll shake your hand on that one and you go that’s insane and does any one of you have a phone than used to which what you need I want you to close your eyes and as soon as you open say one number from 0 to 9 okay open and say it 7c oh come on man that’s not a joke bro bro he showed me that before you set the number I was in my head bro so is that we do to people like you have some superpowers right you just touch people right which number if you think of different number than seven just think about it I’m just curious if you picked up some psychological things which number do you think Charlie would pick from zero tonight so I tell them or you know it all out I’m just curious if you have just say good to just go with the intuition game become one right I don’t know yeah okay stop this no no okay guys but this is it see this is like 10% and then 10% like it’s possible to guess from 0 to 9 Sam keep on trying to like yes let’s let’s do it let’s do it I put two more digits ok I can see oh no you can see you can see put – just stop – too much okay I’m gonna make it so so right yeah just up to more yeah and maybe one more and multiply multiply yeah multiply yeah you put for whatever and you multiply on what and put four digits and equals its or an orgy is bigger on the side how to do but this is the number that we come up on your phone totally randomly and it’s not one of ten because people on the internet they are skeptical right yeah they say okay maybe everybody think of eight right yeah but I’ll show you because I know the number and I know it already resembles this I’m not good remembering stuff but I’ll show you really closely we reach five one zero zero one two you see ya zero one two yeah four one five 108 there you go so Charlie before you going on this means nothing if you it’s no no no no likewise when I left it on the directions it looks like what row that’s for you that’s that’s from years I will avoid it all years to figure this guy’s oh my oh my god this is why I love magic cuz it makes you feel a way that nothing else can I don’t know I can’t say anything you’ve taken the words for me and guys my people of the Internet check out a new single yeah you can click and just listen that’s each other next week and as always stay magical [Music]