how you doing everybody Randy Richard in
the shop well I’m back in the shop after theBar Z Summer Bash and
I’ve had a couple of pretty fun weeks you know before the bash and and such
and I’ve had some visitors so I want to thank the visitors that came yeah so
about a week before the summer bash Mark Rowland from up in the Bay Area came
down and I’ll show you what we were working on there Mark Rowland and I work
on a project now this is a large drill chuck for the Derek’s drill grinder and
we we both want to have a setup for the large drill chuck now mark doesn’t have
one of these and he would like to find one they don’t ever come up on ebay
really he’s been trying they’re looking so he’s looking for one of these large
drill chucks but we don’t have the parts to use the chucks so I modeled up
everything that we need and he C&C two of these this is the holder that this
rides in with it has the cam on it now he he bought I modeled all this stuff up
and he see and seen this on his CNC an email he made two of these one for him
one for myself and that’s pretty cool and came out real nice really really
nice so we’ll be getting on that project here this summer and trying to finish up
all this to get this working I’m also gonna model this I think I’m gonna
disassemble it they’re not that complicated
and model it up and maybe Mark will just end up making one of these drill chucks
so thank you Mark for visiting I was very kind to you and then we had Bruce
with him and his and his wife but Chuck and they actually stayed with us for I
want to say five days or so and maybe maybe longer
yes I I’m not sure five six days anyway first time meeting bachi so it was fun
having Bruce and Vecchi here and Bruce and I were able to do a little live feed
and that was kind of a test for mr. Pete’s live feed so we had fun doing
that and talking about different projects and and you know the way Bruce
does things which is kind of Australian and the way I do things is which is real
Californian so yeah but we had we had a fun time still and did all that and then
then mr. Pete came and I hosted mr. Pete here in California and you know picking
him up and doing all the transportation for him here in California and and
getting him on his way mr. Pete I had to leave on Sunday to get home because on
Monday morning he had a family trip that he was going on to Tennessee and things
like that so mr. peace time was very limited here in California this time but
he had a fantastic time yeah we did a live feed first time he ever did a live
feed and he absolutely enjoyed that tremendously as soon as we turn the
camera off he turned to me and just said how fun told me how fun that was so oh
maybe in the future mr. Pete could do his own live feed or maybe it’ll you
know do it again with somebody else or even me I would be happy to do that
again but we had we had a really fun time doing that and everything I hope
folks enjoyed that what else and then just today this morning another
viewer came by they were out here visiting California from Colorado and
going around visiting other people’s shops and they stop by here and they’re
gonna do a little trip in these 70 today so they stopped by to say hello and see
this Bob Bob crumbling now he has a channel
also it’s old iron lover and he’s like said he’s in Colorado
so check out Bob’s channel I’ll make sure I get links down below to that and
uh yeah so we just had a general good time discussing about projects and shop
stuff and things like that uh so it’s been a bit of a hectic week for me I
haven’t good got anything done in the shop because of visitors and had just
having a general good time let’s see where I’m I don’t have any machining
content I’ve been real busy this week ever since I got back from the bash and
I’m building some dams in a creek a seasonal creek bed that is eroding my
neighbor’s meadow away it’s really bad we he was able to obtain a grant to fix
it and put in dams and things like that so him and I are working on that
building dams and I’m shooting some video not not a lot it’s kind of kind of
hard to do out there working with tractors and moving logs and all that
stuff it’s hard to shoot and do that at same time go over a couple things about
the bash and this yeah that’s why I got that I picked up but I want to tell
everybody how mr. Pete he loved the bash he really enjoyed visiting with all the
viewers and meeting other creators that he’s never met and just enjoyed the
whole thing he was a very very happy and I want to say on behalf of myself I want
to thank you know stands in cost of bar Z for putting on the bash and thank you
to the sponsors that help stand do that and thanks to all the viewers they came
right to me in my opinion the bash is about the viewers and the creators too
and I want to thank all the creators that came the bash wouldn’t happen if it
wasn’t for creators and viewers yes the sponsors help and all that fine
financially and but you know to me the the bash is about the creators and the
viewers or the viewers and the creators however you want to think about it so we
can meet each other and see that you know creators aren’t anybody special
they’re they’re they’re just like you know we are we’re all just like all the
viewers we have a common interest we can’t we like doing things in our shops
we like doing the mental machining work mostly for the Bosch but some of us I
myself I enjoy doing woodworking also I’ve done it for my life
so the Bosch to me like said is about the creators and viewers and I
absolutely enjoyed this year tremendously being able to meet new
viewers new creators I’ve never met before and I really enjoyed being able
to help mr. Pete get out here to the Bosch so I thank you to everyone who
attended and just uh maybe we’ll be able to do it again anyway
let’s uh go over a few things real quick first off I want to thank Emma Ritson
Emma spare-room machine shop she presented this hand-painted logo sign to
me at the bash and one for Steven Lang shark river machine and this is this is
fantastic I can’t thank em enough for doing this and I was extremely surprised
it’s so nice that she did this but it will be prominent in many a video I
think many it’s wonderfully done and I think she even said this was gold leaf
so that’s pretty cool it really makes that gear stand out so thank you Emma
for doing that that’s just so kind to you thank you now
here collection of some new swag for me now I
have I have quite the extensive sticker collection from many many creators and I
hope that one’s upside down and so I have but I have some new ones also we’ll
start over here we got some build something cool that’s Dale Derry I don’t
think he had to stick her before but he has one now Maple Lane machine and Tool
Company is what it what it is and that’s a brat Jacobs and Brad Brad was here
with his kids and everything to the bash Dudley tool right and he actually
there’s a couple stickers here a dudley tool right
and Aaron Durda he’s the one with the beautiful vices that he actually gave
away one for the raffle one of the baby bullets and is a beautiful monarchy has
in his shop and we have air cave shop he’s up here and the near San Francisco
in the Bay Area there the bar seat summer bash logo sticker mature Patriot
Vernon just sent me these in the mails it’s the other day I got these Thank You
Vernon gem Trek Bruce Windham has a little advertising logo for the truline
8 stabilizing kit for your round column Mills to make it so it goes up and down
and keeps it in line and not rotate on you so if you want to talk to Bruce
about one of those kits you know just email him and you’ll get
the information Woods Creek workshop down this is usual usual Kim and he’s up
in Washington Monroe Washington and his relative new channel so he’s doing stuff
in his shop you know check out the one on him put a new spindle in as an email
then there’s Emma and spare-room machine shop Anna’s she’s has a new sticker here
with her little engine that she did is doing a Sarah did a series
on her little steam engine their adventures in machining through the
bulkhead adventures in machining I’m not familiar with his channel but I’m going
to check it out there we have Tom’s Lichtman of inspiration metal works
right there now I have what his stickers already but he he gave me a magnet so as
magnitude C and C makes and it has a logo on the end these are really quite
nice or brass and of course near neodymium magnets and they’re extremely
strong and I like these because they have I actually have a handle you can
pull them off of something of course you can’t pull apart but yeah so Tom makes
these and I think he’s selling them they’re very nicely done and of course
with the other one that’s my name tag for when hell freezes over I at least
have a pass to get in so there we go and then we have the key Center his bar C
limited edition summer bash 2019 teeth lock cleaner
these are beautifully made and on the back there’s a little logo with hell
freezes over for the bash these are these are very nice Keith these are
nicely done very nice and then the tool miser
andrew padalka he has a channel going and his tools here you you might have
met him in the tool swap area especially andrew helps a stand with all the audio
stuff for the for the bosch so thank you Andrew
so those are just a just a few things that I did pick up so I picked up a couple hats at the bash
this is for Gary coot tools for machines he’s down in Texas as nice hat nice
nylon e1 and then this also from Gary and so in here in a bakit it has tools
for machines place nice been at have for the summer this one’s going to be
efficient hand this would be a perfect fishing ass right here oh yeah nice pin
nice cool hat so thank you Gary Gary has a website you might be able to I don’t
know but you might be able to buy these on his website another hat from track
machine tools they were there representing showing their CNC machines
that they have and build and they should demonstrated their control system to me
and we talked a lot about that they didn’t couldn’t bring any machines
because the truck broke down so that’s where it is sometimes but we we talked a
lot about their control systems and we’re really straightforward and seemed
really quite easy to just simply program so most EMC stuff especially for like a
tool room lathe that’s what we were kind of looking at our milling machine and it
was a pretty pretty different control system pretty nice another little
project I’m working on so the trailer our little RV trailer the water drain
valve just sucks it’s all plastic and it broke and I I want to make it out of
like aluminum I think but I had this really neat stainless valve right here a
little cock mouth right there and has a swivel type fitting on it here and I’m
gonna put this on there cuz we use the drain valve like just if you need a
drink of water outside or fill up a container
we’ll use the outside valve a lot so this would be really nice to have on
there but it needs to have a solid fixture to mount into and that’s what
I’m thinkin make it aluminum and this is a 3d print of something
similar that I think I would do I designed this up and little holes can go
on here little barbed fitting right here and they’ll be threaded in here and that
will go on there and I can attach this to the trailer well we’ll make this out
of aluminum so this is a upcoming project here real quick but I 3d printed
it just to get the concept you know just for a proof-of-concept type of thing
idea there’s quite a few other vendors at the bash and I want to just give a
shout out to a few of that I have some stuff here from I don’t remember all of
all of them you know their sponsors to the bash so Bob’s flags banners and
right there so I don’t know I think Bob probably made the banner but I don’t
know but I have a flag from Bob but Bob’s flags and banners the track
machine this is a nice little track machine I’ll see you in seed out kind of
cool it’s a it’s a magnet I think you stick it on yep magnets stick on things
and some stickers from track their track some Noga sticker I picked up and I also
end up with a t-shirt from nova mr tula repair mark is his name Rostenkowski
Rostenkowski he was there I got to meet mark and that was a pretty cool
good get to meet him he does a lot of instrument where he does instrument
repairs so if you need something done that’s who you want to send it to and I
think I a sidekick I received a tactical light from sidekick from surefire
actually it’s this model is a sidekick little you USB charge it to three three
settings on the light a little tactical light sidekick Thank You Stan
sharks – all had some kind of little booths set out there also I didn’t get
to talk to them but I end up with sticker drill hog also represented there
and there’s there’s many others and I don’t have time to talk about all all
the sponsors but I thank you to all the sponsors though for attending and
consenting representatives and things like that
then I got a little envelope for mr. Pete yeah he was carrying envelope said
somebody I don’t know who the last name is but it’s from Brian I love mr. Pete
even told me but mr. Pete brought these envelopes out for he had several people
to deliver those to and so thank you Brian who I’m Brian is and a nice very
nice note from Brian and say they hope I had fun of the bash and all that very
very nice thank you thank you Brian but he also sent me the little starett
notebook and some decimal charts like I said thank you Brian for those this uh
this is like those a really small bullets it’s a little small bore gauge
is what it is and you you could you’d set it and and then you know measure the
difference of course you’d have to have a calibrated hole to set it with but
it’s rather small I get this from Dale Deary
and it works I’ve never seen one like this before so actually he gave it to me
so very nice of you Dale and I have to get it working a little smoother but
that’s okay but it does work kind of cool I never seen one quite like this
before a little pin on the back and adjustable
and all that there’s a federal gauge on it this project is a bit more
complicated this here is what you hear is a rack and pinion steering out of a
tundra 2007 tundra pickup truck my son was giving birth wisdom on a ride
in his as a soup modified tacoma offroad vehicle pickup and they broke the
steering rack and pinion steering unit in there and it just it’s just to Tacoma
ones are a lot lighter weight than one of these and there’s a mod that you
could do to one of these units here and install it in a Tacoma yeah that yeah
but you can buy and modified but they run somewhere around 2 grand and he got
this one for a couple hundred bucks out of the wrecking yard and I think I’m
gonna disassemble it and pull it apart so we’ll do that and then we’re going to
modify the the rack the rod here with machining on the ends and pieces to go
on and be welded and then back it together and so I’m gonna run through
the whole process of doing this mod so for anyone interested so that’s a
upcoming project here and then there’s a black book so there was only 250 made of
the black book with this logo on it the number one they’re all serialized the
number one I think they’re sir wised anyway the number one book was auctioned
off and it went for like a thousand and five dollars I think it was you know
it’s all in support of the bash and such so but I received a one over the 250 and
it comes with a little tag labels and this new that new edition now my I even
got mine signed by two blue Kane himself anyway the this edition of it is really
nice for us older guys it’s way easier to read just way easier and it has its
avert it’s like the third version I think it is so it has a you know newer
stuff in it or additional stuff in it the small ones or the other you know
version one and two the smaller ones this is an extremely handy shop book
these are extremely well made the paper is just wonderful it you can actually
kind of wipe it off and clean it if it gets dirty so it’s it’s made to be used
in the shop and if you have dirty hands it’s not too big a deal but it has so
much information this is all about tool holders for CNC machine type stuff how
to use your sign bars how does you know cutting threads grinding a high speed
steel coolants bandsaw blades reamers high speed steel drill bits just
all sorts of great you know tapping information how to remove broken taps
Bruce probably wrote that and formulas about carbide inserts of about different
tools grinding stones no engineering adhesives plastics Wow I mean just just
a ton of information that can really help you and be a quick reference in the
shop and this larger format is is tremendous I also have these smaller the
smaller one now this is probably version one I can’t remember but I think so
March of 2005 and you know basically that all this information is basically
in here plus mores in here now and you know some fastener stuff but all this
great information in a smaller format you can see how much smaller it is or
how much bigger this one is but this one is gonna be live on my box because I can
read it real easy without glasses I mean this prints are quite a bit smaller in
there there’s also this one here I have this is a fasteners black book
it’s a little smaller version also and all about different fasteners and drill
guy at gage just fantastic for looking up here’s washers and pins you know roll
pins nuts lock washers rivets screws bolts you know just about you name it
it’s in here now I’d I I haven’t really checked but
this probably doesn’t have a VA ssin type stuff specifications in here or MS
specifications so but anyway these are just fantastic so if you’re looking for
hardware to use and get dimensions on them and the thread threads you know the
shape of them and all that good stuff head sizes all great great stuff air
yeah here oh here’s tapping chap tapping stuff too little glossary of
fasteners so this is also a very helpful book in the shop when you’re looking for
a fastener they you’re trying to identify and replace or something very
helpful so I have all three of these and be check check out their website and its
engineers black book calm I think it is engineers black book calm and they
haven’t email address it info at engineers black book calm so I’ll have
those links all in the description for an engineer’s black book but rain rain
is brother rain rap and they do a fantastic job just here’s all the gears
stuff fantastic job whirring stuff
Morris tapers Jacob taper all your tapers speeds and feeds the fantastic
job you can’t say enough enough about this books so that’s quick overview of
the bash and some upcoming projects I have here in the shop and thanks again
for watching you guys and please subscribe and we have a lot of content
that projects that are be going to happen in the sphere of the summer
and we’ll we’ll get them out to you so thanks again