(light music) – This looks like a fantastic meal. – (Laughter) Oh it does. (air horn) – ‘Sup fuckers! You know what that air horn means! It’s trivia night! (air horn) – Fuck! These guys are
always so aggressive. – I really don’t want to play. – I hate trivia night. (air horn and lively music) Hey man, we’re just gonna eat I think. – Yeah we don’t really want to play. – Sorry fuckers, everyone’s playing. It’s trivia night! Besides, winner gets a free drink and I know we’re all
looking to get fucked up! Let’s get it farted in here! (fart sounds) Alright, what animal has the
longest gestation period? Mmmm uhhh Come on you fuckers, this one’s easy! – Could you stop calling
us fuckers please? – And there’s already a table playing, why do we have to play? – Because if you don’t play,
then they can’t beat anyone. Time’s up! Ding ding ding ding ding. The answer is elephants! (elephant trumpet sound) (making elephant trumpet sounds) (laughter) whatever I
know I’m fucking funny. Okay quick score check in. In last place is Team… – Uhhh – Team Uhhh. And in first place the Cock Squad! – Oh yeah (together) Cock Squad! Beat the shit out of you. – You’re an adult. – We don’t want to play! – Everyone plays. If you don’t want to
play then get outta here. – We’re like halfway through this meal. – I hate this. – That’s my move. – Question two! What is the chemical symbol for helium? (in a high pitched voice)
Helium makes your voice high. – It’s He. (buzzer) – And time! Sugar gets the square, looks everyone in the
bar got this one right. Looks like you fucks
aren’t as dumb as you look. – That’s enough. – Hey hey, whoa man, it’s part of my job to bring
some personality, okay? Sorry if you can’t handle that. – No you’re right, I guess, I
guess I can understand that. – Okay cool thanks. Hey by the way that free beer, I’ll give you one if you come
to my stand-up show tomorrow. It’s at Giggle Sharks and
it’s a two-drink minimum. So I was joking I can’t
get you that free beer. – Fuck you! – You don’t get comedy! – You don’t get to live! (yelling) – I’m sorry! Oh my god I’m so sorry I’m so sorry! (yelling) – Too much? – Hi it’s Zach from College
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