I came in on my time off– You know what?
I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you just
sit down over there and don’t clean my bar,
please. I don’t need you
to clean my bar. Okay, thank you, bye. – Good luck.
– Appreciate it. Lisamarie:
That was crazy.
I’ve never been talked
to like that.
You have a team of people
that come in here to help you.Like, how about you
just show some respect
to say thanks for being here
for the second ( bleep ) time, ’cause we screwed up
the first time. Jon:Lisamarie is Friday’s
number-one trainer
in ( bleep ) America. She’s back here
cleaning your bar,and you disrespect her?This makes no sense
to me, Terry. – We’re trying to help you!
– I’m really getting tired of the way you guys
are talking to me. It’s enough
dealing with you, but I’m not gonna
deal with her being– What a ( bleep )
ass ( bleep ) you are. I am an ass ( bleep ), but you’re a bigger
ass ( bleep ). The difference is
I have success. You have ( bleep ). And the only success you had,
I ( bleep ) gave to you! And now I take it away!
Let’s get out of here, Lisa. This is your version
of success? Bye. I don’t want to ( bleep )
do this. Okay, so… It’s getting
a little out of hand. And you know what? I’m getting no support
from you whatsoever. But, you need
to tell me right now how you really feel
because this is ridiculous. The problem is if we had
certain things, this bar would make
lots of money. You’re putting it
all on me? Sara: We’re putting our heart
and soul into this place because we love it,
but if the owner’s not doing it, then why are we? He still has the same attitude
that he did last time. – He’s just really stupid.
– He’s really like that. I’m not gonna put up
with Jon Taffer, I will not, and we are going
to keep on at it if he wants to continue
’cause I’m not gonna back off.