In 2008, lifelong DJ
Ivan Arroyo decided it was time to bring
his Puerto Rican heritage and DJ rep to
the Jersey City nightlife. I’m Puerto Rican. Most of the nightclubs
I did were all Spanish music, and Jersey needed a spot
where the crowd can come and dance
and enjoy their music. Ivan ran the bar
with his two sons
Josh and Jeremiah, and attempted to make it
a hotspot for Latin music. When I’m DJing I become
a different person. I come out and
the party starts. I’m that good. Ivan focused all his
attention on being a DJ, but while he spun,
bar sales dropped. Things took a turn
for the worse in early 2013 when Ivan’s marriage
to the boys’ mother
ended in divorce. The bar cost me
my marriage. Ivan responded by lashing out
at his sons and his staff… There’s always some
bull (bleep) with you. …turning the family business
into a family feud. Me and my brother can’t
stand this place anymore. The (bleep) he does here is what a 18-year-old
high school kid does. (announcer)
And as the bar declined, Josh attempted
to turn things around. I want to run this business,
I have a lot of ideas. I have a business degree, and I feel I could take
this place to the next level. (announcer)
But Ivan let his ego
and disrespect for his son’s ideas
get in the way… Look at all these shots
going out. What do you think,
that’s for free? Joshua, he could say
what he wants. He’s not gonna
tell me what to do. He’s wrong most
of the time, not me. (announcer)
…leaving Laguna Lounge
with a confused theme, a combative staff… I start at 9:00,
I told you yesterday. …and a dwindling
customer base. Ivan is now in danger of
having to face the music
and his sons. $50,000 in debt, Ivan has not only
let the bar suffer but has left his ex-wife
and sons out to dry. This is all I have. And I don’t want
to lose it. (announcer)
So he’s agreed
to pull back the doors, bust open the books
and make a call for help to “Bar Rescue”.