The hurrican was really hard
for us. It destroyed our dreams. Seven months after Maria and it
still feels like a disaster area I came here to fix a bar. Wow. So we have to do the roof, fix
the wiring, all new equipment because it’s all been destroyed
by salt water.>>We have to build
the entire place in essence then I saw this community
center, baseball field,
basketball court and I realized
I could fix that too. I picked up the phone
and called everybody I knew to help me here. Bethany Frankel, Luis
Guzman, Bernie Williams. JJ Verey, Mark Cuban. This literally is my first time
to Puerto Rico. I couldn’t think of
a better opportunity then to work with John
and and work with JJ. They love basketball
here. Basketball and baseball
are number one.. You have to fix this. We have to
get your bar open. And we have to get
the kids back here. And I’m going to do
everything I can to try to help Bar Rescue. Operation
Puerto Rico.>>New episode Sunday July
22nd at 10:00 on the new
Paramount Network. [music]