In 1996,
Ivan Vuich impressedthe owner of Friar Tucks Bar,won the heart
of the owner’s niece
and was immediately given
the keys to the castle.
I came in for
a beer and a shot and ended up leaving
with a girlfriend and a bar. Announcer:
Friar Tucks had been
one of Pomona’s
most successful bars
since the 80s.
And Ivan’s first few yearswere busy and profitable.When Friar Tucks was good, I was doing probably 60,000 a month and we would be packed
at 10:00 every night. – You can do one with us Angie.
– All right. Announcer:
But the customers
weren’t the only ones
who enjoyed the party.Can I get a shot, please? Cheers. Announcer:
And as Ivan struggled
to manage
his out of control staff,his temper reached
the boiling point.
And nobody pulls off, nobody, nobody. Announcer:
To help relieve
some of Ivan’s stress,
Ivan brought on Sami Marzouguias general manager in 2008.I met Ivan while
I was a customer here and we became friends and then pretty much got
suckered into this place. Announcer:
But instead of turning
Friar Tucks around,
Ivan and Sami clash
at every turn.
Ivan and Sami, they fight
like cats and dogs. – Really ( bleep ) me?
– Yeah. Ivan is just an ( bleep ) Oh, stick it
up your ass. Announcer:
And their hostility
toward one another
trickled down to the staff.I ( bleep ) go. ( indistinct chatter ) My bartenders
and their drama, I can’t stand it. You guys hate each other,
it’s not my fault. Announcer:
Now, it’s owner
against manager.
Calm the ( bleep ) down. – No. No.
– Get off, Sami, get the ( bleep ) off. Announcer:
Bartender against bartender.
You’re a bitch
and give free ( bleep ) – all the time.
– Bitch! Narrator:
And the toxic relationships
are threatening to tear down
the castle walls for good.
Sami:I’m engaged to Trista.My life with Trista,It’s going to happen
no matter what.
Yeah, I will never
( bleep ) come back here, I am way better
than this ( bleep ). And if I have to go
somewhere else to make it happen, I will. Ivan:
My debt is $100,000.
If Jon Taffer
don’t fix Friars
I will shut these doors. – Shut up.
– Announcer:Before Ivanand his temper
finally explode
Ivan has agreed
to pull back the doors,
bust open the booksto make a call for helpto Bar Rescue.