There are three stages to completing a Bar-i
inventory audit. First of all, we scan and submit the invoices, preferably
before 2:00 PM the day before you do your counting. Stage two, you do your counting
and run the point of sale report. The third and final stage is to complete
the variance report. I’m going to show you how to do that in this video. You know when the variance report is ready
when you receive your email. Then we’ll go to Internet Explorer and open
up the variance report. Like to find Dropbox using this shortcut on the
left here. Find your bar name. Obviously the variance report is kept here
in the variance report folder. You can double click to open it up. You’ll
see that each questionable item that needs to be checked has its own little
section. This case we got Coors Light is showing half a keg more than expected.
That’s based on a previous count of 15.3, 36 invoiced. Basically 45 are
sold meaning we should have had 6.3 kegs but we actually found 6.5. When we want to check our counts we can see
down here in this table that the counts and zone names of what was counted
is shown, making it easier to check. After checking we found that we
over counted, so we say decrease count by one. Then we can move onto the next
item. Our next item is 90 Shilling. Same deal, again,
we went and checked the counts and found we had actually miscounted
this. Increase the count by one. It’s helpful when you can to give us
a brief explanation, so we’re sure we’re making the appropriate adjustments. The third item is Rumple Minze, it shows 15
missing. We checked our counts and then realized the problem was this, 15
invoiced, because those had been sent back. We can indicate here, decrease
invoiced by 15. Write an explanation. Just remember that the easiest
way to handle that situation will be to note on the invoice that the product
was not actually received. Svedka is showing two bottles more than expected.
After investigating we’ve remembered we made a trip to the store and
bought two. We need to indicate that, again. Now next item, well vodka is showing two units
missing. After investigating we remembered we did not communicate that
we leant two bottles of well vodka to the next door bar. We got to make sure
we get those back. By indicating this we can make the appropriate adjustments. Crown Royal has one unit more than expected.
Crown Maple, sorry. That was simply because we didn’t have an invoice for
that product when it was dropped by a rep. We can put that here, received
without invoice. It was one bottle. Let’s close that up. Our seventh item on the report here is the
Fireball, popular product at the moment. We double checked our counts, our
invoices, found they were correct. No adjustment required that is genuinely
missing. I should do that. Now that we’ve completed all the items in
the variance report, the final stage is simply to save it and notify Bar-i.
This file is already stored in Dropbox, so we can simply press control S
to save it. The final step will be to send a short email to [email protected] to
let us know that the variance is completed. We can complete your report
and send it back to you. Thank you for watching.