Have you ever been served a warm pint of beer or perhaps a pint that didn’t quite taste right? Did you know that 22,000 licensed premises in the UK currently use internet-connected draught beer monitoring systems for this very reason? Currently, all of these systems are provided by a single company. This is where I come in. My name’s Marc De Vos and I’m going to tell you how my new company, Bar Analytics is revolutionising the way global brands monitor the sales and quality of their draught beer. This industry is called ‘beer tech’ and it involves adding internet connectivity and flow monitoring systems in the draught beer lines, pubs, bars and hotels. Why do they want this? Well, Pub managers want it to minimise wastage and drive up sales. Pub chains wants to see how their tenants are performing and to check if purchasing that agreed contract is taking place. Breweries want it to monitor their products at the point of dispensing to ensure the quality is being upheld and to help forecast product and stock requirements. Often, they need to do this remotely across thousands of premises in real-time. To help our customers achieve these goals, our analytics provides them with sales, yield, dispense temperature, cooling equipment and line cleaning data for each premises. The monitoring system we have built can be broken down into three parts; the first is a flow sensor that monitors the amount of liquid dispense as well as the temperature and even the type of liquid; beer, water, cleaning fluid or air. The second is our own custom designed electronics that collects data from our flow sensors, processes it and then uploads it to the internet using the mobile phone network. The third part of the system is our advanced web server that processes the analytics information live and displays it on our custom dashboard. It does all of this within ten minutes of the drink being dispensed. We are a team of talented engineers and developers which means practically anything is possible and we are capable of customising an end-to-end system for our large clients. We’re currently in talks with two of the largest breweries in the world and just installed our first prototype into a real bar for testing. Now this isn’t the first time I’ve worked in this industry, I spent the last 12 months developing an innovative self-service mobile bar based on shipping containers for a company called Flowbot Bars. We recently launched the product at Cheltenham racecourse, serving 70,000 attendees in four days. Bar Analytics charges an initial installation fee and then a monthly fee for the duration of the contract. Our prices are around a third of our main
competitor and our system is far more advanced. We plan to gain market share by leveraging my existing contacts in the drinks industry from Flowbot. We will also target pub chains that currently used our competitors product and win contracts by undercutting and outperforming their offering. We are looking for contacts or mentors who are experienced in the brewery, drink dispensing or public house industry. We’re also looking for customers who want to find out more about our product or licensees who are interested in offering our product