what’s your favorite we’ll let us know in comments write it in the comments [Music] didn’t think quick fall in love broken from the start she too harbors closed her this is close yeah we can walk to see sunset from the beach there on the right oh we said it was it’s somewhat they don’t okay yeah if you have uh if you pull back to about anything and happy hour we’ve got a honeymoon Welcome card so a second honeymoon it’s our third hand even remember when we went to the Coco’s they also gave us a honeymoon is champagne we are at our hotel [Music] I have changed my top because we are off for lunch the room hotel doesn’t look as nice as I imagined it will be because this is the cheapest room among all of the rooms in here so yeah follow us around Bali [Music] we’re still at the hotel walking around looking at the pool this is beautiful oh [Music] [Music] he will speak to you because was just asking was just saying about the water sport we are going to undress run son ride for 20 meters there you go that’s the one you’re looking at the menu before you decide hi so we decided to stay in this restaurant which is called paradise restaurant we are the only in here maybe we are too only for Deena and too late for lunch so let’s find some [Music] what is bubby good job Paris with these likes us we only get there get only get at the moment because it’s 5 p.m. to early for dinner until 8 o’clock but this restaurant is recommended by [Music] order steak [Music] we got a welcome dinner I think it is an entree and he sees mashed potatoes laughing it’s not show me your steak looks good hey guys we are changing room to level drink because our car in room smells so bad shame there is no makes the level trades that we have to we have to carry all the languages so this is our new room ha baby so this is our new room it looks a little bit bigger at least the bathroom doesn’t smell and looking at so many cool places to hang out and have some cocktails this is Beach walk shopping center look like a nice place a lot of nice play we are next to the ocean that’s for sure and we’re in Bali one of one of many top restaurant Blue Martini [Music] speeches yes on the other side is just in sauna bath thank you you are heavy [Music] – well this is it guys second round of drinks is coming for Harry [Applause] how is it yummy it’s refreshing I like it it’s not that sweet you