It’s my first day in Bali Going to Tanah Lot is in agenda and to see Tanah lot and also do some local sightseeing in Kuta & Seminyak right now I am going from Kuta Hotel to Seminyak My first day in Bali started with breakfast in my hotel after breakfast, I was going to look for an Indonesian SIM card which I could not find near my hotel. for that, I had booked Bike Taxi using Grab App I have called for Grab Bike taxi, which will take me to a SIM Card shop in entire South-East Asia, Grab App is used as we use Uber & Ola in India. Even though, I had taken a SIM Card from Malaysia, which was supposed to work in 15 countries. apparently, that is not working. So, I am forced to take a new Indonesian SIM card. If you are coming here directly, then you can take SIM card from Kuta market I have come to take a SIM card from a shop in Bali. I am getting 6 GB data in 1,20,000 IDR I have the shop owner Riri with me she is a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan and she sings Hindi songs very nicely she will just sing a Hindi song what do you think? does she has a chance in Bollywood? She sings nicely. This is Kuta Central Park Hotel, where I stayed last night let me just show you the hotel quickly before the checkout I reached here late in the night, so I could not talk to you then I was very lucky I had booked a standard room, which was not vacant, that’s why they upgraded me to suite room. that is Kids play area This is the upgraded Suite room, which I got the room is quite big. The bed is big & comfortable And this is window with no view. For the first time in my life I saw a window, which is behind a wall. there is no view but does not matter to me I am just checking-out and this is the bathroom. I found this hotel to be good If you are going to stay here for more than one night then you will have to ask at the reception not to give this kind of room where there is a wall behind the window. request them for a room with a balcony or at least a room with some view. otherwise, you will be suffocated, if you are staying for longer periods. Right now, I am sitting with Fateh, I met him while looking for SIM card in Kuta He said that he is going to take 2,00,000 IDR and will stay with me for 8 hours he will show me Kuta, Seminyak & Tanah Lot. later on, he realized that he needs to attend some function and could drop me only till Seminyak hotel. and for this entire trip he charged 50,000 IDR approx 250 Rs. This my hotel no. 2 The Alea Hotel, Seminyak. I think, the price I paid 860 Rs, it’s good for that price, not bad. My last hotel was also budget only. I got that for 820 Rs and this one for 860 Rs. the price is decent for this room. In Seminyak area, near Potato Head Beach Club there is an upscale Indian restaurant named Spice Mantra I have come here for lunch The biggest challenge for a solo traveler is to decide what to order if I order a sabji, it will be too much. so I have ordered a Veg Biryani let’s see how is it? this is my Biryani, there is an Indian Chef, I have confirmed it already. That’s why the taste is very good. After lunch, I approached a Bike rental shop, hesitatingly since I did not have IDP, still, the owner gave me the key of the Bike after I filled a small form. and he charged 50,000 IDR for the half-day rental. There are 2-3 ways of making an International Driving Permit 2 of them are fool-proof, not very sure about the 3rd one. 1st way is to apply online by going to Parivahan’s website. I will give the link in the description and the documents you will need are Passport, your original Indian Driving license a photograph and a doctor’s certificate and the Visa of the country where you are traveling. If there is no Visa or it’s Visa on Arrival From the Immigration website of the country you are traveling to take PDF of the Visa policy and use the same. More or less the same documents are required in an association, named Automobile Association of India they have got many chapters in north & west. In the west, they have got an office in Mumbai at Nariman Point you can walk-in there take the membership and submit all the documents and in my opinion, that is the fastest way to take the IDP. i.e. International Driving Permit. While researching, I found the 3rd way. there is a website named ITCA. they also make International Driving Permit. IDP is nothing else but a translation of your DL’s content in multiple languages. The ITCA guys do this for you and send it via courier, and also send it as PDF in E-mail. I did not try them, people were suspicious about them in the forums. So, I will not vouch for them. In many countries, you don’t need IDP In Bali, Indonesia, it is recommended. If you are coming here, then carry IDP. This is Seminyak beach and on this beach only, I found a very nice beach club Ku De Ta. I thought of coming in and checking this out, while I was roaming outside. I have come to Ku De Ta I don’t how to pronounce Ku De Ta. the vibes are fantastic here there is a beach facing pool there are many beach-beds & bean bags. It would have been nicer if it was shaded the seats are very hot. This is a fun place. The best thing about this place is that there is no entry fees. You can order a-la-carte and sit here and just have fun. To enjoy the chillax environment, I had ordered an Ices coffee. Beach club is fabulous and the facilities are amazing the iced coffee was of 6,00,000 IDR 6,00,000 IDR is not much actually Approx 300 Rs In Starbucks, you get Iced coffee for double this price. this property is amazing. After Ku De Ta, it was time for Tanah Lot so I took my bike and went to Tanah Lot. I have reached Tanah Lot The biggest benefit of taking the Bike was reaching right to the coastline. and right at the parking lot, I found this Restaurant in a beautiful setting. I thought, let me show you this. Since it is not lunch or dinner time. It’s relatively empty. few people are enjoying and waiting for the sunset. It’s a very good place to watch Sunset I would like to tell you one more thing there is an entrance fee to come to this temple 60,000 IDR, roughly about 300 Rs. and for parking charges are 3000 IDR, which means 15 Rs. If you coming on a bike, then come to the last point, till where no one stops you. keep on coming to a place where the road ends park your bike there. And on the Pathway between parking and the temple and you will find may souvenirs and handicrafts. Tanah Lot means land in the sea according to the Indonesian Bahasa This temple is 400 years old and there are such seven temples, on the coast of Bali. Tanah lot is one of the most famous temples of Bali. In this temple, the deity is Barun Dev. Barun Dev is considered to be the god of Air & Sea. according to Hindu mythologies. This temple is Pura Tanah Lot Pura is used for a temple in Indonesian Bahasa you can guess about the fame of this temple by looking at the crowd on the rocks. The seven temples which I talked about are in this complex only. The rocks on which I am standing remains in water during high tides and this temple is accessible only during low tides, like right now. I had heard that the ambiance during the night on Seminyak beach and I heard right, and the ambiance is really cool, there is music. drinks, shisha, food & party. It’s music and party all around If I have to compare this to an Indian beach, then Baga beach of Goa comes close that also has similar vibes. If you have been to Baga beach, then you can imagine this place’s ambiance. These colorful umbrellas and colorful lights beneath that it is taking this place a notch higher. This indeed is a must-visit place in the night. No matter, how much a Desi tourist like me gets impressed by a place’s beauty like I got impressed with Seminyak beach’ sacks beauty. But I could not find anything to eat Ultimately, I found this Indian restaurant in Seminyak There is a chain named Queen’s, they have 4 outlets in Bali. Here comes my South Indian food in North Indian Restaurant. Masala Uttapam. Not bad actually, Thumbs up. Dinner is over and completing today’s video here, hope you have liked this video, please press like button and comment if you have some suggestions, query or feedback. Bye for now. You guys also please wander, if not possible, then keep on watching my videos I will keep showing the world to you. In the next video, I will take you from Bali to Nusa Penida. and will show you some unbelievable scenes from Nusa Penida Stay tuned on Wandering Monk.