„Tokio Hotel!“ “Bill Kaulitz” “With Georg everyone is hoping for a little diarrhea before
the show.” “We got cock rings…” “Heidi is also here, I recognized.” “Yeah.” “Eating potato soup with Angela Merkel…” “Luckily we have good insurance.” Alright, we don’t have that many microphones… I’d say Georg and Gustav will get one for sure because
they never stop chatting. They’re chatting and chatting
and chatting, sometimes you can’t even stand it. The mics are already recording, aren’t they? So we must not press any button. You are rolling as well, right? What’s the secret sign? Moo. Right, Moo. Moo. So, Tokio Hotel backstage here in Berlin at Huxley’s Neue
Welt, I’m really glad to be here. We’re having an exclusive
little insight. Backstage insights – and you can see – it’s not that
glamouros. We have a tour rider which lists this particular
kind of wine. We always have it. Also a bottle of Jack Daniels and a bottle of champagne. Yes. Besides that we only have beer, inhalants, … … fruit plate… … fruit plate… and not much more. Don’t forget the scented candle. Scented candle. Is it on the rider? Yes it’s on the rider but we don’t desire a specific kind.
It is free to the organizer to choose a candle for us. Flowers are always on the rider and a humidifier. Really? Yes. But it is not build up, yet. They let things slide today.
However we are barely here. We have a pretty full
schedule. We are only about five minutes in this room. The rest of the day we are in motion. Okay. It really doesn’t look like you moved in here. No. You also got your dogs with you all the time. Yes, all the time. They got their own rider, right? They have their own bag to travel with them. We usually order meat for them at the catering. Even
though we get them used to dried food now. Normally we
barf them. So we order fresh raw beef at the catering. They are like babies. They need care all around the clock. They need to go for a walk. When we have a show our
time is so limited that somebody else has to take them
out. What are your preshow rituals to kill the time? Before every show we have sign about 180 posters. We have to sign the football. I throw it in the crowd when the show starts. We also sign CDs that we sell at the merch booth. We sign
at least two packages a day. Are those special tour CDs? We only sell them on tour. We exclusively made them for
the tour. Show me! Show him! Show me! Okay … It contains both new singles. And the instrumentals. So fans can sing the songs themselves. Right. Okay. They are hand signed. And we also have meet and greets
with our fans and then the time before the show is over. Yes. One hour before the show I start to stretch to get
ready for the stage. Do you do yoga or stuff like this? No, only little warm ups like stretching and breathing.
I also do warm ups for my voice for about half an hour. Do you have special exercises for that? Yes. A lot! I do a lot of breathing exercises like… Some kind of beatboxing. Beatboxing. Right. It’s to warm up the diaphragm. But I also do… I do stuff like that for half an hour. It’s a whole bunch of exercises that I do every day. Otherwise we have the ritual to drink a glass of booze. We
do a little drinking game. I drink one beer before the
show… one beer during the show… and then some afterwards. And we activate our Power Ranger Power. Yes! We activate our Power Ranger Power.
You see, it’s a lot to do. Yes. It’s hard to follow. Okay. You can’t activate the
Power right now. No we can’t. Only shortly before the gig. “Power Ranger Power activate!” And you also have big plans today! Big plans? Yes! Right before the show. And you have a very important ritual on tour. Yes. Georg has to go number two. If he doesn’t it’s a bad omen. Yes! And he takes it very seriously! When it’s going to be a great show then… yes!
Everybody is praying for me having to go to the toilette. We hope for some inner pressure. With Georg everyone is hoping for a little diarrhea before
the show. We hope that the train will whistle. Can we already look at some stage costumes? Yes. This is the first costume I can show you. I will wear
this helmet for the opening. I combine it with these
shoulder pads. And those are the arm pieces. And I wear these shoes with them. The socks I wear in
them are not too sexy but they are required. These are my
opening shoes. But what about when you twist your ankle? That would be a problem. This was especially dangerous when we played at the
final show of “Germany’s Next Topmodel” and Bill wore
that outfit. That would have been embarrassing. Yes. Because the stage was wet and the catwalk was so
slippery. We had to walk the whole way up to the couch
after we played. And I was afraid of slipping. I slipped. Gustav also slipped. Everybody slipped but me. It’s one thing if it looks embarrassing but it is really
dangerous when you break a bone.
You have to play a big tour. Yes. Luckily we have good insurance. Did accidents like that happen in the past. Do you have a
doctor with you or at least a first aid kit? No. In the past there have been cramps or joint problems.
I remember this from the last tour when we called a sports
doctor from time to time. I had a joint reset today and I also had a little infusion.
Look at my arm. They gave me vitamins. They put me on
a drip for it. We never had a really bad accident besides this one time
in our early days when Bill lost his voice. Yes. He had to undergo a surgery and we had to cancel the
whole tour. That is something that every singer has to go through.
There is barley a singer that never had to undergo a
surgery. It was a knot on the vocal chords. That’s why it is so important for us to stay healthy. I have to
take care for myself and can’t party too much on tour. So you don’t have long aftershow parties? No. Most of the time we drive to the next city over night.
Tonight we hit the bus and drive about eight hours to
Frankfurt. We have been to Italy and Spain before. We have visited five countries in one week. Yes. That’s a lot of action. We have a pretty full schedule.
We try to sleep seven hours at least. But mostly we only get five to six hours of sleep. Yes. That’s an amazing stage set. Wait until it’s turned on. It is set up for our support band
right now. Later we will go crazy. Okay. And this is where you change your dresses? Yes. I do. And I only have about 90 seconds time for it.
I run down the stairs and one guy takes off my shoes
while the other… It is all planned to detail. He does this four times during the show. And then I only slip in the new dress. It is set ready here.
I jump in here and they pull it up and zip it.
And I step in the other shoes. Do you have like a plan B in case you don’t make it in
time? Then we have a problem. I mean he has his microphone with him.
He can also sing from here. Yes. The microphone is always in my hand. Even if I am
not ready I can sing while changing the dress. Okay. But then no one can see you. Right. And those are the instructions for you about what to do
next. Yes. This is my setlist. So I can see which song is the next.
Actually I know it by heart already. But on some days you
better take a second look. When you drank too much. The list also tells me which microphone I have to grab
because I change them with my costumes.
There are also crew instructions written down. Like… when do I stand on the platform…
when do I come down… And why do you change the microphones? So it fits my dress. Only for the look. Yes. Look! The microphones are set up already. I start with the headset. I wear it for the opening. Britney Spears style. Yes. Kind of. Another one is chromed. The other one got strass all over it. And my neon colored
microphone is being repaired at the time so I do the rest of
the show with this black one. Did you already have some bloopers on this tour? Yes. Totally! We had a beautiful show planed for Paris.
What you will see next is that the stage is full of LED
screens that show a lot of video content. But the whole thing broke down and nobody could repair it
so we had to play the whole show more or less in the dark.
That was a bit of a shame. But there was an amazing energy in Paris. The crowd
really didn’t care if the LEDs were working or not. The
whole place was quaking as they jumped up and down. It was very intense and cheered us up. Sometimes you
have a perfect show but the crowd stands rooted to the
ground and there is no energy at all. So it really depends … What about your guest list? Who is visiting you on tour.
I saw some family members today. Today pretty much everyone is coming. Because we play
in Germany everybody invited their families. Gustavs
daughter had her birthday yesterday. They are here too. All the women, all the children. All the women, all the children. Yes, all the women and all the children are there. Mom! All the moms are here and all the dads. The backstage is pretty packed. So are you especially nervous today? Yes. Absolutely! Yes. I kind of hate it. Me too. I mean I love to see them but I am so nervous. You can put
me in front of a million people and I don’t care.
But when friends and family are visiting I am afraid. Does it fell like your children’s birthday again and you
have to sing in front of everyone? No. It’s not like that. They love everything we do anway. Yes. But you want it to be perfect. Yes. We want everything to be perfect because our
parents are watching and you want it to go well. So you are more excited then they are. No. We are more excited. We are more exited. I think they are not excited at all. They are very relaxed and want to be entertained.
And we are responsible for it. And Heidi is also here. I saw her. Yes. Is she with you for the whole tour?
Because she already was in Munich. No. She is not with us for the whole tour but she is visiting
us for about ten shows before she is flying back home. Wow. Why? Because we miss each other. We tour for three month. And we are family. You have to imagine it like a traveling
circus. Everybody is traveling with wife and kids.
We’re also getting older. We have to optimize our schedules so we can see each
other. Two or three weeks are already a long time. But my question is… You are busy the whole day. Yes. So how much time is left for a person who is traveling
with you. At least you can fall asleep together. Fall asleep and wake up together. We are all pretty busy. Also in L.A. Even when we are not
on tour. Heidi is also working all the time. Everybody has
things to do. There is no big difference to any other family. You are also working the whole day. So you come home
in the evening to spend some time with the kids and your
family. It is the same with us. This is called “quality time”. Exactly. Yesterday we had a day off and went sightseeing in Berlin. Only our working hours are a little different.
We work from 10 a.m. to 2 am. But there will be no rain one stage today? No. It won’t rain today. That was an exception
[for Germany’s Next Topmodel]. Unfortunately it is not very suitable for a tour. It is a bit complicated. You have to throw away all the
equipment afterwards. All the instruments get ruined. I was wondering about that. Everything we used fort he rain gig we especially bought
fort hat show. We buy it and then it’s trash. Wow. What about short circuit? That can also happen.
Everything is taped to be waterproof. It is all taped.
We also have plastic bags around our electronics. At least we are talking about 30 seconds of rain.
So you try to prepare everything to last for 30 seconds
before everything breaks. And it worked. On stage you are standing on different levels. Yes. Gustav is down here. At the drum set. I am up there most oft he time because I play a lot of
instruments like keyboards, percussion, piano, pads,
guitar, bass… everything. I see. Because your sound got so diverse. Exactly. We loop a lot.
Georg has his key station over there. They play, keys, bass, e-drums and a normal drumkit. Bill is down here most oft he time. They are only three musicians and our record is full of stuff
like trumpets and so on. You have to recreate it live
somehow. This is Toms guitar station. Oh, they are quite a few! Yes, they are. And I do play them all. There is no spare
guitar. This is a bass that I also play during the show. We have a Gretsch, a Flying V, a Sheryl Crow acoustic
guitar, custom guitars, a vintage Fender and my favorite
guitar is up there. It is my old Goldtop. There it comes flying… and crashing. Did somebody drop it before? Some stagehand maybe? There was one time when it got stuck on me. I could not
get rid o fit. So I had to throw it off to be able to get to my
drums. But vintage guitars can take a move like this. I guess that several people habe been trying to destroy it in
the past. But they are made of some special wood.
They last! You even can drop it. Who wants to try a sugared almond? Mmmhhh! You? Yes, I’d like to. Do you have always have some with you? No. Oh, now I got three of them sticking together.
I’m sorry! I got three almonds in my mouth. Take your time and eat it. That is our old interview trick.
It will all be deducted from your time. And we’re done! Look. I sometimes press this button. Is that a problem? Don’t worry. The mic got a child lock. Okay. Damn! Why did I have to take three of them? Do they taste good? Yes. They are pretty tasty. But you have to know… this is
one of our fan presents. You never know if they are
poisoned. That’s why we always give it to the interviewer first.
So if you feel funny… we only eat it after others tried it. We always wait a bit… so we see if everything is alright. I think it will take some time. You will at least make it
through the interview. Afterwards you may feel funny. Okay. You do fan meetings before every show? Yes. Yes. And after every show. Afterwards. Tell me about the atmosphere. Some of your fans are pretty fanatic. To be honest… it kind of keeps us alive on tour. If we
would only do the show we would feel exhausted pretty
fast. The fan meetings bring you back to the reality of life. And it’s fun. We had so many sweet moments. It also makes you feel less nervous when you see the fans
before the show. They already ask you some questions.
It kind of turns us on. And that is not an easy thing to do. After some sleep our
engines are off. But the fans take us back to life. You also play some songs for them. Right. So this is like a mini soundcheck. Yes. Mini concert. Mini soundcheck. It take away some stress and makes you wake up.
You suddenly know what you are here for. Can you remember a recent fan question or present? Oh, we received so many beautiful presents. I got a star
with a certificate. We get a lot presents for our dogs.
We received cock rings that were especially made for us. Who makes them for you? The fans. The fans. They are only guessing. Georg always gets a small one.
They look at us and estimate. They look at our noses. Okay. Everything you need from the fans. Everything we need. I also collected some fan questions. Go ahead! The first people I talked to couldn’t speak German. Yes. There were a lot of people from Italy and France.
You also play in these countries. Why do they fly to Berlin? Some of them watch a lot of shows. The French people
that are here tonight certainly also saw us in Paris. Though… some places were sold out… like Paris.
They come to shows that are favourably located. Some people really plan trips. Berlin is a good destination for everyone.
This city always has an international crowd. People love the city and stay a few days longer for
sightseeing. On the other hand… when you play in Stuttgart you see a
lot people that are actually from Stuttgart. It depends on
your destination. Berlin got a very international audience. Okay. Here are my collected questions. Which concert did Tokio Hotel like the most [on this tour]? Paris. Why? Because the energy was great despite our stage
equipment did not work so well. I will remeber the show
even when the tour is over. Yes. And the „L’Olympia“ is the most beautiful venue in Europe,
I have to say. Hi, I am Maria and I want to know if you will write more
German Rock songs in the future. Like in the old days.
We loved it so much. No! The term „German Rock“ sounds terrible to me. So I
would say no. We got a song called „Berlin Berlin“ that we
will play tonight. It got a German chorus. But it is no „German Rock“. We take the songs the way
they come to us. But you won’t sing in German again? I don’t think so. Hi, Tokio Hotel! I am Nicole from Saalfeld, Thüringen.
I’d like to know what you do in Berlin besides the show. I do live here now. I moved to Berlin in march. Apart from that we see our friends and family. When we
are in Berlin we also visit them at home. And yesterday I
went sightseeing fort he first time in my life in Berlin. Gustav visited Lego Land yesterday. I was at Lego Land. I liked it. Hi, I am Saskia and I’d like to know when the next album
will be released. We are all very curious about it. That is a good question. We don’t know either. We will
relase more songs at first. We think it’s a more modern
way. When you relase an album then people lose interest pretty
soon. People will hear twice and then they want the next
album. This time we want to wait as long as possible and will
release a lot of single songs. We already filmed the next
music video. It will be released soon. The song is called „Chateau“. „Berlin“ will also be a single.
We don’t know when it will be relased, yet. And about the
album: I think it will be much cooler outside. I am Silvana from Berlin and I’d like to know what you’ve
got on your bucket list. I’d love to go to Thailand. Eating potato soup with Angela Merkel… That is also on my list. That definitely. I want to travel a lot. Yes. Travelling. I would also like to go to India. I’d like to
have my own shop for “Magdeburg-LosAngeles”. I would like to have my own club. I’d also like to have my own night club. That is still a lot of stuff on your list. Yes. A Grammy. We want to win a Grammy. Yes. Of course! The Grammy! Yes. Hi, I am Alina from Halle and I’d like to know about your
craziest school time memory. The craziest thing I can remember was when we drop out
of school at the ninth grade. Yes. It was crazy to go to school for one more week after
“Monsoon”. For sure! It was the talk of the school. After one week they begged us to leave the school. Hi, I am Gil and I’d like to know what you do with all the
presents you receive during the tour. We collect a lot of them. Our tour van is packed with it.
We drink the alcohol. And to be honest… some stuff gets
donated. Like stuffed animals and toys. Some stuff gets thrown
away. Georg, what do you do with the worn underwear. I wash it and wear it myself. Of course we can’t keep all the letters. We read it but we have to put them away. A mix of everything. I thank you very much for this relaxed guided tour.
Totally stress-free. You even didn’t need a bodyguard. He was behind you all the time. But this is backstage. You need a pass to be here.
So we are safe. Where is your pass? My pass? Oh, they will throw me out soon. Can you
remember the last time you really needed a bodyguard? We always have them with us.
When you got a bodyguard with you people keep calm. I did not recognize him. I could have gone crazy. Yes. The problem is when you got no bodyguard with you. We
call it “mouth fart” when people suddenly start to scream
the first thing that comes to their minds when they see us. “Tokio Hotel!” “Bill Kaulitz!” Most of the time they get embarrassed when
you turn around. But it is much more relaxed when you got
a bodyguard with you. People then don’t dare to talk to you or touch you.
So we always got somebody with us. I wish you a cool show. So be careful! Thank you.